Ceramics N More: Beyond clay and play

In addition to being a creative calm space, Ceramics ‘N More is environmentally and ecologically friendly.
by Chiri Choukeir

11 July 2019 | 16:14

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  • by Chiri Choukeir
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The large array of ceramic statuary at the shop offer patrons a diverse selection for creating their own artwork, from pigs, bears, and hippos to giraffes. (H/O)

BEIRUT: Between restaurants, offices, and the busy street of Gemmayze, lies a small place where children can explore their inner artist and adults can take a break from the hectic busy life of the city to enjoy a few hours of ceramic painting and tranquility.

Ceramics ‘N More recently reopened in the heart of Gemmayze on June 27, for people of all ages to come in and explore the art of painting on ceramics.

The owner of Ceramics ‘N More, Fouad Madhoun, took Annahar on a walkthrough of the newly opened space and explained the aesthetic it held. “The vibe here is happy, artistic, calm, and fun all the time, you can’t but enjoy and have fun! You don’t have to be an artist to come and have fun here.”

The business offers over six shelves filled top to bottom with different categories of ceramic shapes ranging from pieces as simple as boxes, mugs, plates, and piggy banks, to geometric animal figures and complex figurines.

“You leave the piece in one situation, and when you return to pick it up it’s a completely different piece. You learn time after time the techniques of color and painting, and of course, our team is more than happy to help,” Madhoun added.

The process of turning a plain figurine into a personal creation is simple and broken down for the participants by the staff in a way that lets anyone unleash their creativity. They choose a piece and as many colors as they like and sit down for the ride.

“You come in for a few hours, away from your daily stress of everything, and there’s good music, good food, drinks, it’s an environment for both children and adults,” she told Annahar.

When the freshly painted figurine is done, it is moved to the final step of the process where it's glazed to give the last touch, and then placed in a large oven where it’s left to dry and bake for seven days.

In addition to being a creative calm space, Ceramics ‘N More is environmentally and ecologically friendly, as they’ve given up the usage of paper, straws and plastic bottles. As for the paint used for the ceramics, it has absolutely no toxicity as it is water-based, and the clay is earth clay.

Now that the shop has officially reopened, Madhoun has many plans for Ceramics ‘N More, such as offering ceramic painting classes, and a step-by-strep guides on creating ceramic art.

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