It’s a wrap: Highlights from Jamaloukicon 2019

As the event has been applauded for its commitment to diversity, Jamaloukicon messaged loud and clear that beauty and fashion are as much inside as outside.
by Tala Ramadan and Ryme Alhussayni

30 June 2019 | 12:25

Source: by Annahar

Teen from Jounieh enjoying her last free summer before Uni.

BEIRUT: Three teenage girls from Jounieh are happily taking selfies on a faux-movie-set of lime green beach furniture. This is their last summer together before each heads off to Uni; one to study pharmacy, the other engineering, and the third to study law.

Typical and smart Lebanese teens with goals and aspirations and empowerment - in many ways they symbolize the message of Jamaloukicon 2019!

One of the best-attended beauty and fashion festivals in the region, Jamaloukicon, drew a close end Saturday with a record number of attendees who flocked on all three days the halls of Seaside Arena, Beirut.

For three full days, beauty and fashion lovers from across the country came together for workshops, discussions, tutorials, treatments, and master classes.

Beauty and fashion experts, professionals, and bloggers shared their knowledge and experiences with an audience of socially connected women.

Visitors were able to meet famous personalities on stage and at the exhibit booths. In the hallways joyful screens of a large entourage young ladies were heard, while groups of fan-girls followed along.

Standing on the sidelines, Chris Hermez, the founder of PickApp express delivery and logistical was there to network. He noted beauty and cosmetics are a key part of his successful two-year-old company.

For him, Jamaloukicon plays a key role in his evolving business-personal meet and greets are of great importance.

The official Meet and Greet is always filed with people from different backgrounds, but especially teenagers who were eager to meet the celebrities. 

“I found out about Jamaloukicon through Instagram, I wanted to meet Cynthia Samuel and Rym Saidi to get a chance to take a picture with both of them. I think social media is very important to bring us closer to the world and get faster information,” Katy Sakr, a 14-year-old girl, told Annahar.

With a full schedule of talks featuring big names in the fashion and beauty industry, the conference stood not only as a platform for inspiration, but for many it was also an opportunity to get to know new things.

The big surprise of this year’s festival was the presence of international players.

On Saturday Negin Mairsaheli, Markets Stibbe, and Nathalie Mroue discussed the dominating theme in the event that is social media.

“Social media is definitely a great factor in communication and advertisement but back then we weren’t aware of its power, so there was a feel of exclusivity and niche,” shared Raya Dernaika, co-founder of plumconcept, a women’s clothing store. 

At the conference, attendees visited the booths that showcased the latest products, methods, and treatments in the field of professional cosmetics including skin care, massage, bath, wellness and spa products, hair-care and styling products, creams, oils, and nutrition and healthy lifestyle products. 

Experts who were present at the booths answered questions and provided practical advice on healthy lifestyles. There advice including taking care of one’s mental wellbeing, achieving personal fulfillment, and having a positive approach to oneself and others.

In regards to a key reoccurring theme in Jamaloukicon which was “own your own look and don’t aspire to someone else’s,” Annahar came across the Dove Bar exhibit, near the VIP Lounge and discussed it with Tala, a company marketing executive who explained that the part of the exhibit is there to counter the Photoshop idea of beauty in favor of how young women and girls look in real life. 

On its last day, Jamaloukicon central discussion and theme was defying beauty stereotypes. The topic was discussed by Cyrine AbdelNour and Mariam Khairallah.

Additionally, Dove presented its “Real and Raw” campaign with Karen Wazen, which came as a powerful integration to Jamaloukicon’s reoccurring theme.

The three-day event was jam-packed with humor and good vibes. As the event has been applauded for its commitment to diversity, Jamaloukicon messaged loud and clear that beauty and fashion are as much inside as outside.


T.K. Maloy contributed to this article along with Elissa Hassan.

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