Ray-Ban Beirut 2019: A one of a kind experience

The launching of the campaign featured a true, one of a kind, Ray-Ban authentic experience.
by Chiri Choukeir

28 June 2019 | 15:00

Source: by Annahar

  • by Chiri Choukeir
  • Source: Annahar
  • Last update: 28 June 2019 | 15:00

BEIRUT: It all started in 1936 when New York-based company Bausch & Lomb established the first Ray-Ban pair of sunglasses. From Aviators to Wayfarers, Ray-Ban today is on top of the eyewear map.

It’s no secret that Lebanon is always up to date when it comes to the latest trends and fads, and Ray-Ban is no exception. Earlier this week, the iconic brand released its latest campaign #ProudToBelong, at the Chevrolet Building-Beirut.

Celebrating the shared moments that connect us, the #ProudToBelong campaign focuses on three key sentiments that bring to life the essence of Ray-Ban products. The three sentiments are vulnerability and empathy, passion and joy, and lastly, confidence and pride.

The launching of the campaign featured a true, one of a kind, Ray-Ban authentic experience. As attendees had the walkthrough of the iconic milestones and years that made the brand a living legend among other eyewear brands and from station to station, they got to really touch upon the essence of Ray-Ban.

Fighting the fakes and reminding the power of the authentic, Sarah Mekhitarian, Marketing and Communication Manager of Ray-Ban Lebanon, told Annahar that "the goal of the event was to launch the official certified reseller program, and to show that nothing beats the authentic Ray-Bans.”

Mekhitarian went on to describe the venue chosen for the opening, lined with the six different stations set up for the attendees to see and enjoy. The first station was designated for the official timeline of Ray-Ban with the dates that really marked the brand and gave it it’s spirit and whole.

“The second station introduces the new target group, also called 'the ones.' They are named that because Ray-Ban customers are considered to be the ones that set trends and not follow them,” Mekhitarian added.

The third station was dedicated to the new collection released by the brand consisting of the three key sentiments. The fourth is a cage with a clay pot that attendees can break and watch get broken, "it's to symbolize that fake Ray-Bans will never hold strong or be as good as the authentic originals," Mekhitarian said.

The fifth station was dedicated to a live graffiti of an enormous sized Ray-Ban glasses with a live artist painting the pair, and live to print on shirts. Finally, the last station was the UV room that consists of a glow in the dark room, where every attendee has to write something they’re proud to belong to.

The event also featured Amy Smack Daddy, Mood, Dj Monokulture and Dj ReaB, and attendees were invited to enjoy delicious drinks, groovy music, and the authentic vibe that Ray-Ban is known and loved for. 

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