Jamaloukicon: Thursday's fashionable launch

"Jamaloukicon is an exciting ride in the worlds of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. I am more than thrilled to be part of it," Chacra told Annahar.
by Christina Farhat, Maria Matar

28 June 2019 | 07:47

Source: by Annahar

Valerie Abou Chakra6 Valerie Abou Chakra, Miss Lebanon 205.

BEIRUT: The doors of Seaside arena flooded with thousands of enthusiastic patrons boasting their best outfits, waiting to meet the world’s leading lifestyle bloggers, fashion designers, makeup artists, and women entrepreneurs alike, for one of this year’s most anticipated media event, Jamaloukicon.

Day one kicked off with a panel hosted by Bank Audi. Moderated by Valerie Abou Chacra, the panel tackled the power and challenges faced by women in entrepreneurship with Alia Mouzannar, Karma Ekmekji and Zeina El Dana.

Actress, former Miss Lebanon and a competitor in Miss World,Valerie Abou Chacra defined Jamaloukicon for Annahar.

"Jamaloukicon is an exciting ride in the worlds of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. I am more than thrilled to be part of it," she told Annahar.

Ekmekji, responding to an audience member’s question on what work sectors need to see more participation from women, she stressed on policy creation.

“I’m not saying that women will fix the problem. I’m saying we need to try. Especially because research and countless case-studies suggest giving women a seat at the table leads to prolonged peace,” Ekmekji said.

Responding to an audience member on what her major support system is, El Dana responded “myself. I have worked extremely hard to get where I am today...you are your biggest supporter.”

Aside from the conferences, M.A.C hosted a Master Class with acclaimed makeup artist, Romero Jennings and supermodel Elsa Hosk, who were welcomed by shrieking fans.

The Wazen sisters, Karen and Andrea Wazen, made a splash with Karen hosting a M.A.C. Masterclass and displaying her newest collection of sunglasses ByKarenWazen, next to her sister Andrea’s SS2019 jaw-dropping shoe collection.

Karen Wazen was so moved by the unwavering loyalty and excitement of her fans, she was brought to tears.

Lea Tabbara, one of the attendees expressed her gratitude for having an event like Jamaloukicon, held in Lebanon.

"Jamaloukicon is a chance for me to stay updated in the fashion world and an opportunity for us women to unite under one roof and pamper ourselves," she said.

Lyn Serhal came all the way from Al Shouf to attend Jamaloukicon.

"I love having the opportunity to meet with celebrities and receive their advice. This event combines both the outer beauty and the inner one with its mixture of workshops and fashion shows," Serhal told Annahar.

Visitors had the opportunity to challenge themselves at U Energy gym's booth where they were offered gifts for their fitness achievements.

Faten Jamal el Dine, manager of the gym, indicated the importance of sports in every woman's life and how every fitness goal she achieves would boost her confidence.

In an inspirational workshop, blogger Rita Dahdah discussed the hardships of relocating from one country to another.

"It was very difficult for me to introduce myself to a whole new environment and adapt to different cultures. However, I believe that this is the reason why I have a strong personality today," Dahdah told Annahar.

She added "My talk today is dedicated to the people who give themselves excuses not to follow their dreams. You can always achieve what you want: build a network, join facebook groups, set your ego aside, and take initiative."

Additionally, she shared blogging tips and insisted that the key to real blogging is being relevant and influencing others.

The day closed off with a panel produced by Elie Saab and his "a Girl of Now Initiative" with Maye Musk in conversation with Annahar Publisher/Editor Nayla Tueni.

Thursday night was closed off for an exclusive Jamalouki after-party hosted by Farfetched at O by Michel Fade.

Projected highlights from day two include a much anticipated talk by Amsterdam based influencer Negin Mirsalehi and Maurits Stibbe titled "Building Your Online Brand" and hosted by Nathalie Mroue.

In addition, a conversation about community hosted by Farfetch with Lana El Sahely, Racil Chalhoub, Raya Dernaika moderated by Amina Mohamed will be held Friday at 6:30 pm.

“Tomorrow I will be on a panel with Farfetch discussing communities, and misconceptions about influencers and other topics," El Sahely told Annahar.

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