Jamaloukicon 2019: A star-dust sprinkled magic-spell

From cosmetics booths to prêt-a-porter and bespoke fashion, glamour seekers will also be keeping an eye open for celebrities.
by T.K. Maloy and Sally Farhat

26 June 2019 | 11:55

Source: by Annahar

Photo of Elsa Hosk, Swedish supermodel who will be participating in this year's edition of Jamaloukicon. (Photo courtesy of Hosk).

BEIRUT: Kicking off this week is the star-dust sprinkled Jamaloukicon, a fashion and beauty oriented event that attracts everyone from teenage girls seeking to meet social influences to professional women who are introducing new couture or cosmetic brands to the market.

Running from June 27 till June 29, the event at Seaside Arena is big, diverse, and with a near infinite amount of visual distractions ranging from six-foot-tall drag queens to Swedish supermodel Elsa Hosk who has rocked everything from Dolce & Gabbana to Victoria’s Secret.

Additionally, popular Lebanese fashion influencer Lana El Sahely will once again be at the show, along with singer and actress Cyrine Abdelnour, and style blogger Negin Mirsalehi. Influencers Nathalie Fanj, Alice Abdel Aziz, Rym Saidi Breidy as well as Egyptian singer Lara Scandar, and Miss Lebanon 2015 winner Valerie Abou Chacra are also expected.

Organizers said “Early Bird” tickets will be $10 for three-day entry. Jamaloukicon will go on between 3 pm and 10 pm each day.

Organizers noted that Jamloukicon will have an increased vibrancy from earlier years based on acquiring even more international and well-known sponsorships.

From cosmetics booths to prêt-a-porter and bespoke fashion, glamour seekers will be keeping an eye open for celebrities, while the overall show is expected to be a kaleidoscope of images.

Many Beirutis will find themselves style-searching, like children mesmerized by colorful and beautiful things.

The event is holding a series of meet and greet where fans can meet some of their role models and ask questions. The array of persons available include Ingrid Bawab, Riri Dada, Cee Karam, Lara Scandar, Cynthia Samuel, Nathalie Fanj, Carol Hannoun, Valerie Abou Chacra, Rym Saidi, along with Romy and Rina Chibany.

There are a number of short conferences, including “Building Your Online Brand” with Negin Mirasalehi and Maurits Stibbe in conversation with Nathalie Mroue; and “Sustainable Fashion 101” with increasingly popular young designer Roni Helou.

The opening day will also include a conference titled "Girl of Now Initiative." Presented by Lebanese Fashion Designer Elie Saab and named in accordance to his new perfume "Girl of now," the talk will feature a conversation between Maye Musk and Nayla Tueni. 

As the kickoff hour approaches, expect the line out the door to stretch down the block at the always hot and humid Seaside Arena. So, bring a fashionable parasol or Breakfast at Tiffany’s wide brim hat to both keep the sun at bay, and make a statement, one fashionista noted for Annahar.

The crowd from last year included a mélange of people ranging from young and eager star-hunters to aspiring fashion designers, bloggers, and influencers, fashion entrepreneurs, and of course many graceful femme-fatales that are dressed to impress on any given day.

"The most beautiful thing about the event is that it gets people from different fields together," said fashion designer Salim Azzam at last year's event.

Several thousand persons are expected for Jamaloukicon 2019.

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