NAYA| Darine Ammache: A young spirit dedicating her life to charity

Although she’s the youngest member on the board, Ammache played an integral role in triggering a change in the NGO’s different committees: PR, Technical, and Medical Committees.
by Sandra AbdelBaki and Manal Makkieh

14 June 2019 | 19:50

Source: by Annahar

BEIRUT: From Dar Al Ajaza to Ibad Al Rahman to several other NGOs, Darine Ammache dedicated her full time to charity and social work without expecting anything in return.

Ammache is a clinical psychologist whose sincere interest in mental health and psychological wellness led her to pursue an MSc in mental health psychology at the University of Liverpool.

Two years ago, Ammache decided to join Dar Al Ajaza. Owing it to her intelligence and devotion, she became an esteemed member of the board of trustees at the dar.

“During my third year majoring in Clinical Psychology, I did my one-year training at the dar,” Ammache told Annahar. “Interning there left a huge impact on me and I noticed how much change is needed. So, after I graduated I made sure to go back and change what needs to be changed.”

Although she’s the youngest member on the board, Ammache played an integral role in triggering a change in the NGO’s different committees: PR, Technical, and Medical Committees.

In the medical committee, Ammache helped in incorporating new training programs for the nurses. She also came up with new procedures and rules to make the lifestyles of all those at the dar better.

In the technical committee, Ammache contributed to the implementation plan of the dar’s newest center in Daher el Mghara, which is still in its study phase. Additionally, she is working on new clinics that will soon be augmented in Ras Al Nabeh.

Her feverish passion for social work, however, doesn’t stop at Dar Al Ajaza. Ammache is also a committed social worker at Ibad Al Rahman.

“I started a project at Ibad Al Rahman all by myself,” she said. “I work as a psychotherapist with widows and orphans that are mentally unstable.”

The project, according to Ammache, works on providing children with the necessities needed to overcome major traumas caused most of the times by parental divorce.

“The speech therapist, psychotherapist, educators, pediatrics, and I work on assessing the children in order to direct them to the right mentors,” Ammache explained.

For example, children who are obese are matched with nutritionists to track their diet and children who face difficulties in their studies are linked to educators.

Aside from her work at these organizations, she has also been working on an online psychotherapy project. The project is still in the making and is expected to become active in winter.

“I have started taking online therapy sessions in Canada a while ago, and I worked as a couple therapist there,” Ammache explained.

Her Canadian experience brought up the idea of creating a platform that provides online counselling on a local level.

Ammache explained that mental illness remains a taboo in society and such a project could help clients, who don’t feel open about their psychological wellness, to seek online therapy.

Ammache is the first woman working on a project of this kind in the region.


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