The Garden Show and Spring Festival flourishes in its 16th edition

by Maria Matar and Perla Kantarjian

10 June 2019 | 15:08

Source: by Annahar

This photo was taken during The Garden Show and Spring Festival event. (Social Media)

BEIRUT: Reminding us to tune in with nature and celebrate Lebanon's green beauty, The Garden Show and Spring Festival flourishes once more with a special surprise. 

Beirut Hippodrome hosted the 16th edition of the festival during a four-day event, which kicked off last Wednesday.

The Garden Show was inaugurated under the high patronage and the presence of Mrs. Nadia Aoun, First Lady of Lebanon, Beirut Governor Mr. Ziad Chbeir, Minister of Tourism Mr. Avedis Guidanian, Minister of Environment Mr. Fadi Jreissati, Minister of Energy Mrs. Nada Boustany, and the Director General of Ministry of Agriculture and ex-minister Vrej Sabounjian.

Behind The Garden Show that's been hosting events since 2003 are Myriam Shouman and Joumana Dammous, the managing director of Hospitality Services.

"The very enthusiasm of the thousands of visitors we have every year is enough to fuel our will to annually organize The Garden Show,” Shouman told Annahar.

In support of the environmental message of The Garden Show and in collaboration with Cedar Environmental, all waste generated during the event was recycled, marking the function a “zero waste” one.

“A clean, well-protected environment is imperative to attracting tourists,” Roy Azar, representative of the Ministry of Tourism, told Annahar. “Events such as The Garden Show play a cardinal role in circulating the bounties of our beautiful Lebanon to the global community.”

A supporter of Azar’s statement was Imad Farhat, vice president of the Arz Jaj nature reserve, who acknowledged yet another remarkable aspect of The Garden Show: giving the public the chance to be introduced to the natural reserves within their country.

The event venue was divided into several sections: Travel Lebanon, Masterclass, Flower display, the Eco section, kids’ village, and a food section including more than 20 food and refreshment stands. In the outdoors, visitors were offered many options, like wandering around beautifully landscaped gardens planted exclusively for the show, attending gardening and cooking workshops, dining under the iconic pine tree of Beirut Hippodrome, and many other activities.

“The Garden Show and Spring Festival highlights the importance of green spaces and it is an opportunity for visitors to uplift their balconies, terraces, and gardens while enjoying the unique atmosphere of Beirut Hippodrome,” said Dammous.

Under the “Dine for a Cause” initiative, and in collaboration with L’Academie Nationale de Cuisine, special dinners were organized at the festival to support charities; well-known chefs prepared special menus to raise funds for the social associations Caritas and Les Restaurants du Coeur.

Within The Garden Show premises, Travel Lebanon joined more than 60 associations, tourism providers, ecotourism specialists, hotels, guesthouses, and NGOs to promote domestic travel, activities, adventures and local traditions.

However, the highlight of the event was the announcement of the launching of a rose called “Lebanon” to celebrate the 100th birthday of the Republic of Lebanon in The Garden Show of 2020. Based upon a public vote that will happen during the 4-day event, French company DELBARD, specialized in the creation of roses, will create a new rose named “Lebanon.”

“Rose ‘Lebanon’ is a wonderful idea! This festival celebrates Lebanon in many ways and it is an outdoor getaway for the Lebanese people from all the stress of the week. It’s a great initiative that allows visitors to connect with nature and explore their own country’s products,” said Maya Frem, an attendee who came all the way from Tripoli for the event.

Lisa Fermin, a French attendee, described her excitement at attending an event like The Garden Show for the first time. “Being present here has been a breath of fresh air,” she told Annahar. “The Garden Show is superbly organized, and every single detail is carefully perfected. It's every gardener’s dream event!”

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