Arabnet X holding Startup Championship featuring MENA-wide entrepreneurs

The contestants will be competing for a chance to win a $20K cash prize, acceleration scholarship in Silicon Valley, along with in-kind prizes!
by Arabnet Magazine

10 June 2019 | 11:44

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  • by Arabnet Magazine
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Arabnet X's Startup Championship has 15 MENA-wide entrepreneurs competing, with startup companies ranging from Lebanon, the UAE, Iraq, Egypt, Palestine and the KSA. (Arabnet)

BEIRUT: The long-awaited Arabnet Startup Championship 2019 is happening this week! The winning startups from Kuwait, Beirut, Riyadh, Dubai, Cairo, and Baghdad will take the stage during Arabnet Beirut X on June 12 and 13 to pitch their businesses to an audience of high-level investors and entrepreneurs.

The contestants will be competing for a chance to win a $20K cash prize, acceleration scholarship in Silicon Valley, along with in-kind prizes!

Meet the Startup Championship Finalists:


Entrepreneurs: Paul Barakat Diab, Elie Nahas, Elie Matta

Country: Lebanon

Augmental is an educational technology application targeting school students. Course material is adapted to each student learning abilities using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and student engagement tools.


Entrepreneur: Myriam Awad

Country: Lebanon

Bakala is a SaaS business intelligence tool that provides Fast Moving Consumer Goods companies with real-time access to analytics on market shares, distribution, pricing, promotion and much more. FMCGs can accordingly make better and faster business decisions to improve their product, supply chain, distribution, and sales.


Entrepreneurs: Amir Abdel Baki, Hanady Al Ahmadieh, Rawane Madi

Country: Lebanon

BlocRecs is a blockchain-based platform launched in 2018. It allows recruiters to instantly validate the education and employment records of job candidates. Using this software can save HR and University registrars’ time and money, along with eliminating the risk of fraud.

Entrepreneurs: Saaid ElHakeem, Soliman Samy, Ayman Mohamed

Country: Egypt

Botme is a platform that combines 2 major functions: easy chatbot building and professional business operation management. The startup’s future plans include posting new innovations and providing developers with a place to post their own bot-related products.


Entrepreneurs: Doaa Aref, Rasha Rady

Country: Egypt

Chefaa is a mobile application that aids chronic patients order/schedule, refill, and locate their recurring medicine through a fully integrated system and AI structure.

Dada Babysitting

Entrepreneur: Laylan Attar

Country: Iraq

Dada Babysittig is an online platform that helps parents hire a local babysitter for in-home care for their children for a temporary time.


Entrepreneur: Stefano Fallaha

Country: Lebanon

Fallound, TIP’s 2nd cycle alumni, is an application and software for cars that optimizes audio content based on commute time and personal interests. The company’s algorithm identifies the length of time users will be driving and selects a podcast with the same duration.


Entrepreneurs: Aws Al-Nabulsi, Ramzi Barakat

Country: Palestine

Gamiphy is an innovative digital loyalty and gamification platform designed for online businesses to offer their customers incentives and rewards that ensure high engagement and retention levels.


Entrepreneur: Ziyad Alhomaid

Country: KSA

Homoola is a tech-powered transportation solution company connecting customers who want to ship (shippers) with the service providers who deliver (carriers) by offering them an easy way to connect and perform complete transactions.


Entrepreneur: Hani Qassim

Country: Iraq

MetaPharma is Iraq’s 1st and only pharmaceutical network platform for pharmacies, wholesale suppliers, and pharmaceutical companies.


Entrepreneur: Noora Alaskar

Country: Kuwait

Nutribox is an application that acts as the user’s personal nutritionist and healthy living coach. With their vast experience in the health sector, Nutribox helps people discover healthy places and find choices that work best for them. In addition, it connects them with their trusted nutritionist for constant support and guidance.


Entrepreneurs: Khadija Elbedweihy, Essam El-Saadi

Country: Egypt

PraxiLabs aims to provide equal opportunity for an enhanced STEM education to students everywhere, by providing an immersive lab experience through 3D interactive virtual simulations of science labs that are accessible, usable, and affordable for educational institutions and students alike.


Entrepreneurs: Ahmed Malik, Mustafa Al Obaidi

Country: Iraq

Sandoog provides tech-based solutions for last-mile delivery and logistical issues in Iraq and beyond.


Entrepreneur: Harvey Bennett

Country: UAE

Searchie is a talent acquisition platform that helps employers source, screen, and shortlists candidates by augmenting the skills of the flexible recruiter network with psychometric AI.


Entrepreneurs: Tarek Karbit, Andrew Karbit

Country: UAE

Seez is a mobile application that simplifies the process of car purchases by providing a transparent AI-powered search engine. The time allocated for car hunting is majorly reduced through this app.


This year's 10th Anniversary Arabnet Beirut will be held at the Seaside Arena on Wednesday and Thursday.

Article run in partnership with Arabnet Magazine.

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