Beirut Arab University takes home the Serail Creativity Hub Design Competition

The three finalists were architecture students of three teams from Notre-Dame University, Lebanese University, and Beirut Arab University.
by Chiri Choukeir

30 May 2019 | 17:24

Source: by Annahar

  • by Chiri Choukeir
  • Source: Annahar
  • Last update: 30 May 2019 | 17:24

PM Saad Harriri with the winning architectural students. (Annahar)

BEIRUT: After long months of work, innovation, and design, the Serail Creativity Hub Design Competition has come to an end. With three finalists competing for a chance to redesign the iconic and historic cross-vault into a digital oasis – the ultimate winner was Beirut Arab University.

Organized by IDEAS Accelerate Growth, a citizen-centric organization, Tuesday was the final result announcement at the Contract Hall in the Grand Serail Beirut.

With the presence of the jury that consisted of Prime Minister Saad Al Hariri, Secretary-General of Presidency of Minister, Mahmoud Makkieh, CEO of Touch, Emre Gurkan, CEO of Alfa, Marwan Hayek, and CEO of ZRE, Mohammad Rabbah, the final round of the competition took place.

The three finalists were architecture students of three teams hailing from Notre-Dame University, Lebanese University, and Beirut Arab University. Each team was given 15 minutes to walk the jury and the audience through their design explaining every minor detail and key decision in every element of their designs.

The votes for the competition were based on a percentage of 80 percent worth of jury vote and a 20 percent based on a public vote that was through the Annahar website. Project Manager, Ezzat Kraytem, explained to the audience that the voting techniques used were to ensure total clarity and fairness while being technologically advanced as well.

After the Q&As and presentations, it was time for the final result to be announced. PM Hariri took the stage to support to all teams, thanking them for their creativity and efforts, and giving all participating teams a certificate of participation and achievement, mentioning that everyone was a winner today.

It was the team from Beirut Arab University that took home the gold, with their high-tech, environmentally friendly, cutting edge transformation that created a bridge between the past, the present, and the future, with their design. They took home a check of L.L 10 million presented by Alfa and Touch and took a picture with PM Hariri to commemorate their win after extensive efforts and long nights of work.

“All the effort and work that I put into the government, is to support young people that are the hope and future of Lebanon,” said the Prime Minister.

In 2018, Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced the transformation of the historic cross-vault hall in Beirut’s Grand Serail into a technologically-empowered creative working environment.

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