NAYA| The first electronic legal database for women's rights in Lebanon

"We are proud to be the first electronic legal database for women's rights in the Arab world.”
by Sandra Abdelbaki

25 May 2019 | 15:33

Source: by Annahar

  • by Sandra Abdelbaki
  • Source: Annahar
  • Last update: 25 May 2019 | 15:33

Photo taken during the website's launching event. (Annahar photo).

BEIRUT: In collaboration with SADER and Associates, a law firm founded in 2003, the National Commission for Lebanese Women launched the Electronic Legal Information Base for Women's Rights in Lebanon.

The database aims to circulate legal knowledge about women's issues, making it the first legal reference for women's rights in Lebanon.

Claudine Aoun Roukoz, president of the National Commission for Lebanese Women and head of the Supreme Council of the Arab Women Organization, strongly believes that being aware of the law and its interpretations is one of the foundations of a democratic life. She also stressed on the importance of informing citizens of their rights as a necessity without which proper social relations cannot be achieved.

“Informing women of their legal rights makes them more capable of performing the multiple roles they have to play in society at the personal, family, economic, cultural, and political levels,” said Aoun Roukoz during her speech at the launching event of the website that took place on May 23.

The Commission considers that the collection of legal references on women in a single base will facilitate the work of women, men, and judges when dealing with issues related to various aspects of life.

“Empowering women to choose their life paths requires first their knowledge of the legal rules governing social, political, and economic dealings. It also requires protecting them from any violence that they might encounter from any party,” said Aoun Roukoz.

According to Aoun Roukoz, women are often discouraged from running for leadership positions in the public sphere, in the municipal council, and even in the membership of the trade union councils. She puts some of the blame on the minimal knowledge women have access to when it comes to related laws.

“Women sometimes tend to lose enthusiasm to take positions in the public sphere because they find it difficult to access the related laws,” she said. “Our young generation of women is in need of easy access to these laws and legislation especially because we live in a very fast-paced world.”

As a law firm, SADER and Associates believes that women play an important role in the society. Accordingly, they work on raising awareness about women’s rights whenever they have the opportunity.

“This is a contribution that serves the cause of women and thus, contributes to the development of our society,” said lawyer Rani Sader, the co-founder and managing partner of SADER and Associates. "This project comes from our belief in the role of women and the need to bring Lebanon to the level of legal culture.We are proud to be the first electronic legal database for women's rights in the Arab world.”

You can check the website through the following link:


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