Batroun celebrates Spring in its annual Spring Flower Festival

The attendees made sure to feed their eyes with the sight of flower sets designed in a way that showcased nature’s beauty.
by Maria Matar

7 May 2019 | 15:50

Source: by Annahar

  • by Maria Matar
  • Source: Annahar
  • Last update: 7 May 2019 | 15:50

This photo shows people enjoying Baton's Spring Flower Festival. (Annahar Photo/Maria Matar)

BEIRUT: As the warm sunshine filled the air and colorful blooms started to pop up, Batroun welcomed Spring in its own way with its annual Spring Flower Festival.

Organized by the Batroun Traders Association with the cooperation of Batroun municipality, the festival was launched on Friday and ended on Sunday.

In the space of 140000 m2, Batroun’s public garden was turned into a paradise with several sections of pleasure; this is the result of around six to seven months of hard work.

Luisa Bassil, secretary of Batroun Traders Association said: “Most of the Lebanese nowadays are stressed and depressed due to the situation and our aim is to provide them with a getaway that makes them happy.” She also added that their objective “is to revive the city and introduce people to the products of Batroun and promote tourism in it,” and that the money gained from this festival will be invested in the small businesses in the city.

At the entrance, one can’t but notice the breathtaking pathway of flower-covered arches that mark the start of a magical night. Next to it, there was a masterpiece that showcased a boat where a bed of roses sleeps.

The event included a big market for flowers and plants, more than 40 kiosks of different cuisines of food, artisan and handicraft exhibitions, free kids’ animation, digital games for kids, inflatable games, and a stage that hosts daily live performances like acrobat shows, magic shows, character dancing shows, stilts walkers, marching parade, mime, jugglers, fire show and much more.

Wadiha Kallasy, a Byblos citizen who heard about the event on the radio said: “What makes this event special is that it fits all ages and joins the families together. Personally, what I liked most is the diversity of food.”

During the event, the participating artists’ hopes were blossoming like the flowers that surrounded them. Jessica Haidar, portrait and sketch artist felt overwhelmed to be given the opportunity to showcase her work, and she offered a discounted price on her sketches for the occasion.

Similarly, Madonna Salloum who is selling her handmade accessories at the event expressed her joy. She said: “I am the daughter of this city and I am thankful for this event for it helps promote my products and breathes life into Batroun.”

Families, couples, kids and friends scattered around the place: gamers rushed to the game station which included 3D virtual reality headsets, boxing stands, arcades and other games; and foodies were savoring the food which ranged from sweet crepes, ice-cream cones and cocktails to pizzas, Shawarma, stuffed potatoes, and Asian food.

The attendees made sure to feed their eyes with the sight of flower sets designed in a way that showcased nature’s beauty.

Sponsors included Bank of Beirut, Caravan Beirut, MTV, Grand Cinemas, Sawt El Ghad and many others.    

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