Amal: A new line of fashion inspired by strong women

Bazaza’s lines of fashion are usually based on fictional stories. But, The Fw19 honors the real women present in his life. Sixteen women are the heroines of this anecdote.
by Ryme Alhussayni

1 May 2019 | 20:07

  • by Ryme Alhussayni
  • Last update: 1 May 2019 | 20:07

BEIRUT: Behind every artist's success is a story and a source of inspiration. For Hussein Bazaza, 28-year-old fashion designer, his source of inspiration is his mother, Amal. She motivated her son to tread the grounds of the fashion industry, after whom he named his fashion line.   

Bazaza launched his new line at the Grand Factory, on April 30. What makes this fashion show stand out is that it didn't feature any models.

Bazaza told Annahar: “I always work on presenting a new line of clothing in a unique way. I focus on introducing the new collection by giving the people a chance to witness the details of the fabric, the embroidery and the pieces.”

The show featured mannequins embellished with different items of clothing, jewelry and bags. The main mannequin, the one that represents the face of the line, was covered with jewelry that meant something to his mother, grandmothers and aunts.

Bazaza’s lines of fashion are usually based on fictional stories. But, The Fw19 honors sixteen real women in his life.

Nadine Halabi, Bazaza's cousin said: “He never really shared with any of us the story of his new collection, he just asked us to meet on a specific day for photo shooting. So, I was really surprised with the result and of course really happy to share his success with him."

Halabi also remembered his talent revealing itself at a rather young age, whereby Bazaza would make his family members dress up and model. 

All of Bazaza’s friends, family members and colleagues showed up to support him, as well as Valerie Abou Chakra, Lara Skandar and Ingrid Bawab as they roamed around and browsed his new items.

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