Woof-Fest 2019: A festival for furry friends

Not only was the event fun, but it was also a chance for six rescued dogs, who were displayed for adoption, to find a new home.
by Perla Kantarjian and Chiri Choukeir

30 April 2019 | 14:52

Source: by Annahar

This photo shows one of the many happy canines at the event. (Annahar Photo)

BEIRUT: It’s the final weekend of April, which means it’s Fashion Week for 1,600 Lebanese dogs; from Pomeranians in tutus to a Doberman in a pirate costume, all these furry divas stole the weekend.

On Saturday, Mindwhisk events and K9 Village once again joined forces to organize a two-day festival fully devoted to the pleasure of our furry friends, which marked the third successful edition of Woof-Fest at the New Biel.

The attendees, both human and dog, had all their needs simultaneously provided. The dogs, who were the guests of honor of Woof-Fest, had an entire play zone and “find the treat” maze built for them. There were also water stations to replenish their thirst, and the doggy swimming pools were also a plus to the nicely structured event.

As 15-year-old Matilda put it: “Everything about today is perfect. Willy and I don’t want to go home!” Willy is her pet pug whom she dressed a tiny rainbow tutu. 3,500 dog owners and friends attended and enjoyed the wonderful weekend in the sun.

A Chihuahua owner told Annahar: “I’ve been coming with Princess from the beginning. It’s rare to find a dog event that’s so well organized and structured.”

Stands filled with special cookies and treats, dog sitting services, on ground vet and doggy spa made the experience extra accommodating for both pets and owners. There was also a variety of pet shops displaying products and promoting their businesses, which ranged from selling pet food, clothing and accessories to offering pet sitting and walking services.

The owner of The Urban Pet, an online pet shop said: “We are incredibly excited to be part of such a creative event for the third time. The crowd is multiplying by the year, and their enthusiasm in being part of Woof-Fest is intensifying.”

The dogs that partook in the event were all behaving themselves, which comes as no surprise since aggressive dogs were not given access to the event.

Adding to the list of attendees who enjoyed the event, an owner of a very friendly Pitbull told Annahar that her dog is very social, “and this event makes her so happy because she gets to meet new friends and gets to play and be the social butterfly that she is.”

Professionally evaluating the health and friendliness of the dogs that were to enter the event premises were experts from K9 village, a center in Zouk Mosbeh that tends to the needs of every dog and dog owner from A to Z.

Dog owners were told to keep their pets on a leash at all times, except in designated areas, and clean behind their pets to ensure a safe and neat environment for all the event guests.

Even though the treats and socializing were great, the main event that stole everyone's paw and breaths was the Vitaking and the Vitaqueen fashion show competition.

The amount of cuteness was an overload, at some point a little spotted Pointer was walking down the runway dressed as a hotdog, a Chowchow as a cool 70s rebel, and a Chihuahua as a police officer took home the crown for Vitaking of cuteness 2019.

Roula Mezher, the founder of Mindwhisk events told Annahar that the message behind Woof-Fest is “one of hope that the Lebanese have so much love and respect for their pets.”

Mezher explained how the images and videos depicting animal abuse in Lebanon don’t represent the vast majority of the Lebanese community that treats its pets in the most ethical ways. In Mezher’s opinion, Lebanon lacks open green spaces for dogs, and “Woof-Fest gives them the opportunity to explore and meet other dogs while enjoying activities like swimming, playing around, getting massaged, and eating a lot of treats.”    

Not only was the event fun, but it was also a chance for six rescued dogs, who were displayed for adoption, to find a new home.

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