Avengers: Endgame | The avengers assemble leaving a cinematic legacy behind

AVENGERS ENDGAME is the final chapter in an unprecedented narrative mosaic spanning eleven years and nine franchises.
by Alan Mehanna English

25 April 2019 | 16:54

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BEIRUT: The Avengers franchise has had an unprecedented cinematic journey, spanning several galaxies over the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s 11 years.

Now the newest entry, AVENGERS: ENDGAME, brings to the big screen the highest stakes and deadliest showdown ever between the Avengers and the universe’s most powerful and deadliest villain, Thanos.

The film picks up with the Avengers having been soundly defeated by Thanos, who, after collecting the six Infinity Stones, imposed his twisted will on all of humanity and randomly wiped out half of the world’s population, including many of the Avengers.

In the aftermath of the destruction, the remaining Avengers are faced with their biggest challenge yet—finding the resolve within themselves to get off the mat and find a way to defeat Thanos once and for all.

The brilliance of ENDGAME is that it continues the gold standard of story-driven blockbuster filmmaking established by Anthony and Joe Russo, due to its deeply layered characters, heart, emotion and humor mixed with breathtaking action, scope and scale that keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

The importance and relevance of this film is not in its spectacle nor in its beats but rather in its meaning as a whole.

AVENGERS: ENDGAME marks a very important moment in cinema history, one that held the attention of the audience across the span of a decade and was able to grant audiences a more than satisfying ending.

The film is by no means perfect, it does have some minor questionable moments, however, those moments were, are, and should be ignored because the film is more than that.

The Russo’s focus on the original Avengers and close off their storylines in ways that are absolutely earned, and pack an emotional punch that will resonate for years to come. The reason being the fact that this franchise was built on a unified vision intent on leaving a lasting legacy not just for the audience but for the world of cinema.

And herein lies the secret genius of why this film works so well, while not being a typically structured film: it is the ending.

AVENGERS: ENDGAME will not resonate with audiences who have not been on the journey from the very beginning, it will not hold the emotional power that it does, it will feel off, and for some will criticize its lack of proper storytelling - but this is why it is so special.

ENDGAME is exactly what the title suggests it is, it is the end game, the denouement, the final stretch, hail Mary pass and final chapter in a twenty-two chapter narrative.

Certain character arcs closed while others opened, narrative threads from the past found their resolution, and every minute of MCU cinema was given purpose. 

Keeping that in mind, the film is one massive emotional rollercoaster, and a very draining one at that, and this is all due to what has been previously mentioned.

It is a tribute to Steve Rogers, Thor, Black Widow, Bruce Banner, Hawkeye, and the man who started it all, and without whom this entire universe would not exist, the man who definitely had a heart, Tony Stark.

The film does slip into somewhat political moments, and again one could take the entire film and proclaim its political nature - but that would only ruin what is likely to become a much spoken about film.

AVENGERS ENDGAME is the final chapter in an unprecedented narrative mosaic spanning eleven years and nine franchises. Audiences should come prepared for an exciting, powerful and emotional conclusion to the most successful run of films in cinematic history.

This is the big, epic showdown of all showdowns, and audiences are going to experience the full gambit of emotions as this film masterfully resolves this magnificent journey filled with countless hardships, a balance of humor, and a whole lot of heart.

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