April 25: Lebanese Youth Day

by Tala Ramadan

23 April 2019 | 18:32

  • by Tala Ramadan
  • Last update: 23 April 2019 | 18:32

BEIRUT: Lebanon's youth have the potential to be the driving force for social change, a strong economy, and a vibrant democracy.

“But since youth are the living present before being its future, Lebanon must first empower its youth to deliver the desired change” as President of Rethinking Lebanon Jihad El Hokayem, says.

This is why Rethinking Lebanon is celebrating, on April 25, Lebanese Youth Day in the hope of having it adopted by the government to become Lebanon’s National Youth Day.

“I realized that there is neither much political support, nor public interest, nor professional networks dedicated to supporting youth. Yet, at times of local uncertainties, youth represent a source of hope and a catalyst for change”, El Hokayem tells Annahar.

“National Youth Day will provide an opportunity for youth to showcase their potential and will celebrate their skills, energy, and creativity,” El Hokayem argues.

Empowering youth in an effort to reshape the future of Lebanon has been a recurring theme for Rethinking Lebanon, which is a movement that started in 2016 and became at a later stage a non-profit organization and a conference “Rethinking Lebanon 2025” on April 25, 2017. Its ultimate aim is to identify the most significant challenges facing the Lebanese economy and promote collaboration among the public and private sectors to reach a common vision for Lebanon.

Leading up to Lebanese Youth Day, Rethinking Lebanon is launching a competition to celebrate Lebanese youth.

Participants will compete to produce a short trailer, no longer than 30 seconds long to celebrate the Lebanese Youth Day the way they perceive it. Anyone can participate in the competition, from locals, Lebanese expatriates, and foreigners who appreciate Lebanon.

The competition will run from October 2019 till the end of January 2020. The winning applicants will receive more than LBP 10 million in cash prizes, out of which 7 million is for the first prize.

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