Flat6Labs Beirut graduates eight new startups during its third cycle

With eight startups graduating from its third cycle, Flat6Labs Beirut would have incorporated 26 new Lebanese SALs within its 18 months of inception.
by Maysaa Ajjan

18 April 2019 | 15:23

Source: by Annahar

  • by Maysaa Ajjan
  • Source: Annahar
  • Last update: 18 April 2019 | 15:23

This photo shows the winners. (HO)

 BEIRUT: Flat6Labs Beirut, Lebanon’s leading regional startup seed program and early stage fund, hosted its third demo day at Music Hall in Beirut on Wednesday. The demo day introduced eight new startups from Flat6Labs Beirut’s seed program.

This event was designed to showcase the graduating startups, acting as a platform for founders to present their products and services to a select audience of potential investors, the media and the greater business community.

With eight startups graduating from its third cycle, Flat6Labs Beirut would have incorporated 26 new Lebanese SALs within its 18 months of inception, said Hany Al-Sonbaty, Chairman of Flat6Labs, adding: “Supported by BDL’s circular 331, our program has proved to fill in an important gap in the Lebanese startup ecosystem, and is a powerful contributor to the innovation pipeline in the Lebanese startup ecosystem.”

Founder of Flat6Labs Ahmed El Alfi gave credit to the Central Bank and the partnering banks that “believed in the concept of empowering young people to discover new economic opportunities.”

He added: “I’ve never really lost money betting on young people, and their initiative and creativity. And that’s really been the smartest decision I made, to invest in young people.”

The eight startups are: Anachron, AkelTech, BeamBot, Binary Analytics, Kon Chef, Life Lab, Mr. Grocer, Speetra.

AkelTech Offers quality fast food served hot and fresh through high-tech vending machines. “Fast food restaurants still suffer from problems of cleanliness, consistency and convenience. We have built a fast-food business-in-a-box system that enables our partners to operate high-tech vending machines serving a wide variety of food products,” Abed Jawhar, CEO and cofounder of Akeltech said.

Beambot offers autonomous control to optimize operation costs and security of warehouses and office buildings. “We use AI algorithms and advanced video analytics technology in order to analyze the collected images from any CCTV camera. The software consolidates the data and generates notifications, keeping site and facility managers informed on the premises,” founder and CEO Adib Al Ghossein said.

Kon Chef offers mouthwatering mealkits delivered to customers’ doorstep. “We are making cooking easier, healthier and more accessible. We send you a box containing the exact portion of every ingredient you need along with a step by step recipe to cook you chef-recommended dish in your own kitchen,” founder Hassan Nasser pitched.

Life Lab is an advanced Agritech company that designs and builds progressively intelligent, fully automated vertical hydroponic farms from proprietary modules designed and built with local talent and mostly locally sourced components. “Our technology allows growers to produce up to 30 times the yield per square meter using 95% less water, yet resulting in much better quality produce that is safe, chemical/pesticide-free, uniform, consistent, and dependably capable of production under any external weather conditions,” founder and CEO Ali Makhzoum said.

Mr. Grocer is digital platform for instant grocery delivery from nearby supermarkets. “We save you time and effort, and we provide you with a larger variety of products to order from, and most importantly we can guarantee more accurate deliveries to your doorstep,” Omar Osman, cofounder and CEO of Mr. Grocer.

Speetra if a one-stop-shop for sustainable innovative and luxury 3D printed clothes. “No matter how glorious the fashion industry is, it still struggles with high operational and material cost, and this is why we are championing the use of 3D printing within the industry,” Sarah Dsouki, CEO of Speetra, said.

Anachron is a roboadvisory software service that personalizes the institution’s investment advice for the masses.

Finally, Binary Analytics boosts company performance through real-time customer reviews and gamified learning. Flat6Labs Beirut will launch its fourth cycle in May 2019 and has an open application process.

Launched in 2017 in partnership with ArabNet and approved by BDL under Circular 331, Flat6Labs Beirut is set to support and invest in more than a 100 Lebanese startups over the next 5 years through its US $20 Million seed program and early-stage fund.

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