Toshiba launches latest line of home appliances with veteran partner UNILEC

The new line-up marks the new era of Toshiba Appliances in home appliance segment, designed “for those who want to do more and live more."
by Maysaa Ajjan

12 March 2019 | 16:54

Source: by Annahar

  • by Maysaa Ajjan
  • Source: Annahar
  • Last update: 12 March 2019 | 16:54

This photo shows Agop Kassabian giving his speech. (Annahar Photo)

BEIRUT: Japanese conglomerate Toshiba launched their latest consumer products on March 11, 2019, showcasing the latest range of Toshiba Lifestyle Appliances to their partners at Phoenicia Hotel.

The new generation of lifestyle appliances include the latest range of washing machines, refrigerators, water dispensers, microwave ovens, air purifiers and fans.

Marking the big occasion, Elvis Wang, CEO of Toshiba Lifestyle Appliances, MEA, CIS & Eastern Europe reflected on the heritage of the Japanese multinational giant and the need to reinvent. “Toshiba Appliances has a long history of over 140 years, with our first appliances (refrigerator and washing machine) being produced in 1930. For some time in the 1990s, update in the home appliances had slowed down. But with new investments and energy, Toshiba Lifestyle Appliances has come back again with cutting-edge products and innovative technologies,“ Wang said.

When probed further, Wang, explained how the new line-up of products will add immense value to the end user, “’Expect More’ is our motto for tonight from Toshiba Lifestyle Appliances. Innovative technologies that minimize time, effort & energy that consumers spend on housework,” he added. Echoing his statement, Agop Kassabian, CEO of UNILEC, celebrated the strong partnership between the two companies and their place in peoples’ hearts, “Over 51 years ago in 1968, UNILEC was established as a result of Toshiba and my father Viken Kassabian joining hands and forming what turned out to be a very solid partnership.”  

He then added that not only is UNILEC the oldest distributor for consumer products and electronics in Lebanon, but also the oldest exclusive distributor for Toshiba in the Middle East & Gulf Region. “In fact, UNILEC is the oldest exclusive Toshiba distributor in the world,” he said.

Afterward, Mohamed Abdellatif, senior regional business Head at Toshiba, gave a lengthy introduction to each of the new appliances and their functionality and characteristics. Some of the flagship technologies that stood out were in the Washing Machine and Refrigerator series. The Front Load Washing Machine is now powered by The Great Waves™ technology.

Inspired by the famous Japanese painting The Great Wave off Kanagawa, the innovative technology is developed based on Flush Wave and Cold Wash, which leads to greater saving and color protecting performance for laundry. Also, it can save up to 60% energy based on the same cleaning effect as 40℃ standard wash, tested by VDE, Germany.

The next big news was the 4-Door Refrigerator with 3System™, which has three independent cooling systems that work independently to deliver the right amount of cold air for each unit without cross-contamination, and the result is fresher food that lasts longer. Another benefit for 3System™ is the Convert Zone. At the touch of a button, the fridge can expand its capacity by almost 15%, transforming one of the freezer units into the fridge to fit an extra 91L of fresh groceries.

The new line-up marks the new era of Toshiba Appliances in home appliance segment, designed “for those who want to do more and live more,” Kassabian said. In addition to that, five winners were chosen from the audience and got to take home various washing machines with them.    

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