Marc Hatem releases “Kiss Again”

“I can’t call you a friend, I can’t call you more. Until we kiss again, we’ll never feel like before,” the lyrics note.
by Maria Matar

12 November 2018 | 21:04

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  • by Maria Matar
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This photo shows Jimmy (Mark Hatem) singing "Kiss Again"in front of Carla, unseen in the audience.

BEIRUT: After releasing his first song in English, Marc Hatem surprised his fans with “Kiss Again” Monday night, a new hit he performs as part of the Beirut City Series.

The well-known romantic comedy follows the lives of four different Lebanese women and Hatem plays the role of Jimmy who is in love with Carla, one of the girls.

At a key point during Monday airing of the series, Jimmy takes the stage and sings “Kiss Again” in front the girl he loves and her friends.

“Jimmy’s character and mine are very alike for we both are very dedicated to our work while still maintaining time to find for our relationships. It's difficult for him to hide his feelings so he speaks his heart out in all situations. He's charming, and witty guy with a lot of hidden talents,” said Hatem.

In fact, the new song was written and composed by Marc Hatem himself earlier this year with Elie Akl, owner of The Brain Studios, and Maurice Hanna behind the music arrangement.

Unlike his first upbeat English single “Never Again”, this song is calmer and more emotional.

“I can’t call you a friend, I can’t call you more. Until we kiss again, we’ll never feel like before,” the lyrics note.

“Just like every song I write, Kiss Again portrays a mix of my personal life experiences and adventures as those of my close friends and family. I try to imagine how people would feel in a similar situation where a kiss can solve or recreate emotions for a relationship to get revived,” added Hatem.

“Kiss Again” has officially been released to the public and people can listen to it on various radio stations as well as digital music streaming platforms Anghami and YouTube.

The Beirut City Series is currently airing on MTV.

“Jimmy will keep on surprising you each episode after the other and you will discover more about his character. As for the ending between him and Carla, you will have to watch and see,” said Hatem.

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