AUBHealth: AUBMC digitalizes healthcare

The AUBHealth App is the first to digitalize healthcare information in Lebanon.
by Safea Altef and Danah Kaouri

28 October 2018 | 13:29

Source: by Annahar

This photo shows members who worked on the project introducing AUBHealth concept. (Annahar Photo)

BEIRUT: The American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC) took a huge step towards a paperless and efficient healthcare system by launching a new service called AUBHealth developed by EPIC.

EPIC is a provider of healthcare information technology, mainly used in the U.S. by many hospitals and health providers to access, organize, store, and share electronic medical records. This will give AUBMC access to the same protocols used by the top universities in the U.S. According to Anna, a member of EPIC and the project manager, “AUB will be joining a great group of leading healthcare organizations in the U.S as well as around the world.”

The AUBHealth App is the first to digitalize healthcare information in Lebanon. The app, which can be accessed on phones and desktops, will be launched on November 3. Patients and healthcare professionals can have an easier and faster access to medical records. In return, this will result in quicker communication and coordination between the healthcare team regarding the patient’s health.

Dr. Ziad Ghazal, cardiologist and head of the medical center, maintained that “there’s a lot of evidence that the quality of healthcare increases upon using the electronic healthcare system.” He added that “We have a system that combines information and allows an easier and faster exchange of information. The patient receives a clearer and better treatment.”

Along those lines, Dr. Ghassan Hamadeh, Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO) and Chair of Family Medicine at AUBMC said:  “We were, for a long time, trying to find an ideal system to coordinate between the managerial and clinical work in the hospital. The system will connect different aspects of healthcare such as patient’s history, financial costs, the test results, and more.”

Before using the AUBHealth system, the healthcare professionals have to undergo at least 20 hours of training. Dr. Ghazal mentions that “there are more than 2000 employees learning how to use this system.”

The system, developed by EPIC, uses PatientSecure™, is a biometric system that identifies patients and registers them using a palm-scanning technology. Moreover, MyChart®, is an online application accessible from both home and mobile, and is used to allow access to medical records and establishes a secure communication system between the patient and doctor. 

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