Opel’s grand comeback: Enjoying moving forward

The company released Astra Sedan and Astra Hatchback with a new exciting addition of SUV by Opel in Lebanon, Crossland X and Grandland X.
by Ryme Alhussayni

3 October 2018 | 17:02

Source: by Annahar

  • by Ryme Alhussayni
  • Source: Annahar
  • Last update: 3 October 2018 | 17:02

This photo shows the new Opel ASTRA cars. (Annahar Photo/Ryme AlHussayni)

BEIRUT: ANB Holding celebrated on Tuesday night becoming the exclusive distributor of Opel the German automobile in Lebanon. The event was held at Baabda, with the presence of MP Henry Helou, President of Baabda’s municipality Antoine Helou, representative of Opel in Germany Christian Gerdes, and a big line of Opel’s customers.

Opel’s strategy will be focusing on a strong marketing plan in Lebanon in order to spread its name globally, at the beginning of the ceremony, every guest was invited to get the chance of entering a draw and winning a free rental car for two weeks by posting a creative picture on social media with the right hashtags indicated.

Anthony Bou Kather, CEO of ANB holding, took stage moments later to declare the official opening of Opel’s showrooms which are respectively in Baabda and Jal el dib along with a service center in Baabda.

The company released Astra Sedan and Astra Hatchback with a new exciting addition of SUV by Opel in Lebanon, Crossland X and Grandland X. The cars start with a range of $17.000 and every one of them is designed to please the customer with its interior and exterior extra features.

Bou Kather stressed during his speech the importance of the automotive industry in the economic sector, as it might be the widest range involving design, development, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of motor vehicles.

With its vision to enjoy moving forward and grow bigger with all its stakeholders, Bou Kather revealed the latest achievement of its team on electric cars.  He expects to launch by the year 2020 four different cars that use energy stored in rechargeable batteries.

The CEO then spoke of the background of the company, and how it all started with Nicolas Bou Kather, his grandfather, who was a pioneer car importer in the Middle East. The latter also founded the company 91 years ago in the midst of economic recession. In 1968, Anthony’s father took charge to turn Mazda into the most wanted Japanese cars.

“In 2006, my brother and I took over the company during the 2006 Lebanese – Israeli war and managed to increase the growth of the company 20 times. This is why I believe in investing in my country,” Bou Kather told Annahar.

Besides the real estate and construction businesses ANB is running in Lebanon, Bou Kather wants to put focus on the car industry and bring Opel back into the market by offering the best product and car services with very affordable prices.

“We believe that the automotive industry in Lebanon is the gate to the MEA, and the most important feature present here is the pleasure of driving, we need to keep motivating the people in the difficult economic situation”, Gerdes told Annahar.

The future of Opel is bright and the space is the future, according to Bou Kather.

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