NAYA | Giselle Khoury: Informing viewers daily on issues affecting their world

Her purpose, as Khoury puts it, is to highlight that ignorance is not a bliss.
by Tala Ramadan

31 August 2018 | 13:43

Source: by Annahar

  • by Tala Ramadan
  • Source: Annahar
  • Last update: 31 August 2018 | 13:43

This photo shows Giselle Khoury during one of "Al Mash'had" episodes. (HO)

BEIRUT: As a journalist, Giselle Khoury built her professional image in 1986 and presented a cultural talk show on LBC. After that, she was part of the launching of Al-Arabiya news channel, where she was hosting a political talk show. Khoury is now working at the British Broadcasting Company. 

Annahar interviewed the famous journalist recently at the BBC studios, where she is currently hosting her program “Al Mash’had”.

“I faced many challenges during my journalistic journey, especially that I aimed to cover political news, it was a tough challenge because I'm a woman, but these challenges are the juice of my career life,” Khoury told Annahar. 

The shows presented by Khoury are informative. She interviews heads of states, leading personalities, and decision-makers from all around the world. 

The method that Khoury uses when she is interviewing makes the guests speak from the heart; it is a combination of both insistence and gentle questioning style. This makes it easier for her to get better material and be able to put her guests at ease, and especially, win their trust. 

“My favorite interview that I've done was the one with journalist Mohamed Hassanein Heikal, because it had a huge impact on the Egyptian audience," Khoury said, adding that on a local level, her interview with Ziad Rahbani was also a big highlight.

Her purpose, as Khoury puts it, is to highlight that ignorance is not a bliss, and people should be informed and educated on any matter that surrounds them. 

“I became a journalist because I'm from the Lebanese Civil War generation, and I wanted to express my rejection of violence and war in a certain way,” she said.

Khoury, who is the wife of the late Annahar journalist Samir Kassir who was assassinated on June 2, 2005, has launched the Samir Kassir Foundation and SKeyes Centre for Media and Cultural Freedom in 2006 to reinforce that the media should not excuse everything and explain nothing, instead it should be praising the value of truth and stick to this principle. 

The SKF’s mission is to spread Samir Kassir’s literary, academic and journalistic heritage. Samir Kassir Foundation is, to Khoury, the child that she never had from Kassir. 

While fulfilling her essential role in democracy and delivering the truth, Khoury managed to keep her family safe from the world of politics, since, she believes, it can be a dangerous world at times.

“My profession taught me many things, it taught me how to face challenges, and how to be close to fights without fighting,” Khoury told Annahar.


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