Nidal Majdalani: Showcasing Lebanon one picture at a time

Fascinated by Lebanon’s breathtaking greenery and meditating the aged, abandoned, villages, Nidal Majdalani carries her camera and portrays a world chanted about by Lebanon's great men of thought.
by Kelly Chamoun

28 August 2018 | 20:16

Source: by Annahar

  • by Kelly Chamoun
  • Source: Annahar
  • Last update: 28 August 2018 | 20:16

Photo courtesy of Nidal Majdalani

BEIRUT: It is a passion for life and nature and love for a homeland that made her visit and explore every Lebanonese hill, valley, and mountain.

Fascinated by Lebanon’s breathtaking greenery, Nidal Majdalani carries her camera and portrays a world lauded by Lebanon's great men of thought.

She is a professional photographer, a hiker, and an environmental and heritage activist. 

Surfing her page "Nidal.Majdalani" takes you through a glimpse of her photographs captured across Lebanon that stimulate both the mind and the imagination. From Arz Tannourine, Bcharre to Chouf and onwards to Karmeed Douma, her adventures serve to spark any viewer's interest. 

Walk with her on a green plain in Akkar before descending with her to the bottom of the warm waters of Kfarabidah before spending the day on the beaches of Batroun and witnessing the white sands of Anfe and Tripoli. 

The images are taken with state of the art equipment which prompted Annahar to sit down with Nidal Majdalani, whose main objective is to encourage Lebanese to preserve their cultural and natural wonders. 

How did it all start? 

From the get-go, Majdalani wanted to convey to her family and friends all the beauty that she encountered during her adventures. She was then asked to start sharing her pictures on social media before cultivating a sizeable following on Instagram. In essence, all she wanted was to showcase Lebanon's beauty through her lens, but it has grown to become a touristic reference.  

How do these pictures come about?

Majdalani travels to a bevy of places seeking to explore the unknown corners of her homeland while highlighting historical and cultural landmarks. One of her main objectives is to boost domestic tourism, she says.

"When we encourage domestic tourism, we urge people to visit forgotten rural areas, to visit distant villages."

Negative Publicity...

The avid photographer denounces the negative publicity that is being promoted which is distorting the reality of Lebanon, playing her part in countering the trend by highlighting Lebanon's true cultural heritage. 

Through her photographs, Majdalani is able to attract travelers from across the globe who ask her for advice, like a young German man whose misconceptions of Lebanon denied him from visiting until he stumbled across her page. 

Majdalani takes pride in her work, pushing individuals from across the world to acknowledge Lebanon’s position on the map. 

What is important is that we are the first to believe in our country."

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