Mid-August Lebanon: A vintage season

For Beirutis, the mountains are considered a must for weekend getaways.
by TK Maloy

23 August 2018 | 15:13

Source: by Annahar

  • by TK Maloy
  • Source: Annahar
  • Last update: 23 August 2018 | 15:13

This undated photo shows festive paraders in The Jounieh International Festival. (HO/Festival)

BEIRUT: It makes news when it is sweltering hot, topping 40 centigrade or upon the breakout of a ferocious winter storm, but what about when it is moderate, quite nice, the living is easy, almost say a vintage season.

Outside of Beirut, meteorology data shows that it was indeed moderate in Lebanon, depending on the village and the region, the last several weeks to August 22 summers, and in Beirut, while it remained hot and humid, it has not been hot-hot and humid.

This is amid record heat waves in America, Britain, and Europe.

Lebanese across the country reported to Annahar wonderful weather with the one caveat it can be a little chilly at night. For some, this is ideal sleeping weather versus tossing and turning all night in the torrid humidly.

Elissa Hannouche, a Jounieh resident said, "I love this kind of weather when the sun is there but it's not burning. Then it's warm and there's a cool breeze. One of Lebanon's major assets is its summer weather."

From South Lebanon all the way to Louize, the many shared the same thoughts on the weather.

Batoul Hachem from Louaïze, said, “Beautiful spring-like weather during the day, but you need your jackets at night.”

And Sara Zalghout, from Kaakaaiyet Al Jesser, South Lebanon, told Annahar, “The weather is moderate with a brush of cold wind, and at times the sky becomes cloudy. These details take me back to fall season.”

For Beirutis, the mountains are always considered a must for weekend getaways.

“The baking heat in Beirut is unbearable! It’s too hot to even move, I’m glad that I spend most of my time in the mountain to enjoy nice breeze but this means more hibernation for me!” said Ghina Merhi.

Fouad Naccache noted much the same, “I like to stay where the summer feels temperate and mild, and this is exactly why I’m spending the summer in the mountain.”

He added: “I stay in Sawfar during summer, although I always seek adventure instead of a peaceful excursion, I would do anything to escape the heat. We occasionally do barbeque here, who doesn’t love a good summertime cookout?”

Echoing Naccache’s words, Dana Hammoud said “Although the weather is not that hot, I prefer to spend my final days of the summer holidays down South at Kafra where the weather is cooler and more refreshing.”

For others, Baalback is the place to be “although it’s a bit hot in the mornings, the weather cools down during the afternoon and we’re able to sit outside in the garden at my grandparent’s house,” said Aya Moussawi.

Sami Sawaya is dealing with what he refers to as the “unbearable heat” by spending his days at the beach. “Although it’s costing me a fortune to stay at our incredibly expensive beaches all day long, I find that it’s worth it to escape the heat.”

We can say adieu for now to the moderate weather, as beginning on August 23 and going into next week, average temperatures are expected to range around 30 centigrade and upward.

To paraphrase Shakespeare, for the sun it shineth every day... 

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