Lebanon's private generator owners threaten power blackout

The confusion erupted upon the arrival of the third floating power station to Lebanon last week.
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7 August 2018 | 11:50

Source: by Annahar

This photo shows electric wires dangling in a neighborhood in Beirut. (AFP Photo/ Patrick Baz)

BEIRUT: Private generator owners are threatening to plunge Lebanon into a power blackout if negotiations with the government hit a dead end.

The owners and relevant ministries have yet to see eye to eye on the new pricing set by the Minister of Energy, who directed them to install meters to charge households based on electricity usage. 

In response, the generator owners demanded the government subsidize diesel fuel.

The Ministry of Energy and Water announced the prices for private generators' tariffs for July as follows:

338 LL for every rationing hour in the case of a 5 amperes subscription.

676 LL for every rationing hour in the case of a 10 amperes subscription.

301 LL. per kilowatt hour for meter subscribers.

For meter subscribers:

5 amperes: 12,000 LL. subscription fees + 301 L.L. per kilowatt hour.

10 amperes: 20.000 LL. subscription fee + 301 L.L. per kilowatt hour.

15 amperes: 25.000 LL. subscription fee + 301 L.L. per kilowatt hour.

* Add 5,000 LL. on the subscription fee for every additional 5 amperes.

This tariff is based on the average price of 20 liters of fuel oil for July, estimated at 19,687 LL. 

Power cut reached 332 hours across regions outside Beirut in July.

Governor of the South Mansour Daou announced that private generator owners in Saida and nearby towns will implement the new tariffs.

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