World Cup recipes: Bites from around the world | Part two

by Maria Sakr

10 July 2018 | 16:47

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This representational photo shows a black beans and corn salad. (AP Photo)

BEIRUT: In this part of the series, we will discuss famous recipes from Belgium, Croatia, and England, who are among the qualified semifinalists in this year’s World Cup.


Belgian Endives with Cream Cheese

For this sharing platter, a specialty Belgian legume is required; the Belgian Endive. As it turns out, the endive is loaded with vitamins (A, B and K), as well as Manganese, which is good for regulating blood sugar, and bone formation. 

For this recipe, the endives do not need to be cooked, as Belgian Endives can be eaten raw.


1 cup of Water

1 tbsp of lemon juice

1 red apple - cubed

2 Belgian Endive heads (20 leaves) - serves six

1 container of cream cheese (it can be flavored, depending on your preference).


1. In a bowl, mix together the water and the lemon juice.

2. Coat the apple cubes by tossing them in the liquid mix, but remove them shortly so they don’t get soggy.

3. Cut the bottom of each head endive and separate the leaves, wash them thoroughly.

4. Top about 2 teaspoons of cream cheese in the center of each leaf.

5. Place apple cubes in each endive

6. Place the endives in a circle, with a bowl of vinaigrette sauce in the middle.

This is probably the healthiest snack off this list!


This may be Luka Modrić’s power supply before games.

Bean Soup with Onion


225 grams of haricot beans

3 - 4 tablespoons of all-purpose flour

2 large onions


28 grams of animal fat


4 cups of light-coloured stock


1. Wash the beans and soak them overnight.

2. Boil them in the water in which they have been soaked, then place them on a sieve.

3. Chop the onions and fry them with the animal fat.

4. When they are golden-brown, stir in the flour and continue to cook until the flour is also evenly browned, and then add this mix to the beans.

5. Put them all together into a saucepan, pour in the stock, add some salt, and simmer the soup for one hour.

6. Serve immediately.

Some Croatians like to add a spoon of sour cream for garnish and extra flavor, on top of the soup once a serving is poured in a bowl.


It doesn’t have to be time for high tea to have this appetizer, game time is excuse enough.


1 loaf of white bread (or more, depending on the number of sandwiches being made)

1 cucumber (thinly sliced) — depending on the number of sandwiches being made

2 large springs of mint (use the leaves only — chopped or loose)

4 tbsp of butter — more or less, depending on the number of sandwiches being made


1. Spread each slice of bread that you want to use with butter.

2. Pair up the slices of bread until you reach the amount you want.

3. Cover one slice of each pair with cucumber.

4. Add as much mint as you prefer.

4. Put the slices together, forming a sandwich. Then cut off the crusts, and slice the sandwich diagonally, twice, to create four triangular finger sandwiches.

Best served with lemonade or iced tea, for maximum cooling effect!

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