Suspects swipe $27K in goods in seconds from Apple store

The suspects never displayed any weapons.

10 July 2018 | 14:01

Source: Associated Press

  • Source: Associated Press
  • Last update: 10 July 2018 | 14:01

This undated photo shows an Apple logo outside an Apple store in San Francisco, California. (AFP Photo)

FRESNO, Calif.: It took less than 30 seconds for four suspects to make off with $27,000 worth of goods from an Apple store in California.

Video shows four young men wearing hooded sweatshirts sweeping into the Fresno Apple Store on Saturday, grabbing electronics from display tables as customers and employees looked on.

Police Lt. Mark Hudson tells KFSN-TV the suspects took various iPhones and laptops. Hudson says a customer who tried to prevent them from leaving was knocked out of the way.

Police say the suspects never displayed any weapons.

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