Harness Your Creativity: The path to originality

The book is written in a way that can resonate with almost everyone, rather than being narrowed to a specific audience.
by Sally Farhat

18 June 2018 | 13:20

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  • by Sally Farhat
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This photo shows Nadia Tabbara during the launching event of her first book Harness Your Creativity. (Photo courtesy of Turning Point Books)

BEIRUT: Built on the belief that every person is creative and that creativity is an essential element in a person’s life, “Harness Your Creativity,” a book by Nadia Tabbara published by Turning Point Books, offers readers eight practical tools necessary for the arousal of one’s creativity and its employment to good use.

The eight presented tools are divided into four distinct sections. Each of these sections include two chapters that play a different role in the process of harnessing one’s creativity.

The first two chapters fall under “Discover,” and give readers the tools they need to determine where and what is their creativity. Following the first section, “Knowledge” allows readers to nurture their creativity. “Belief” then presents the tools essential for securing one’s creativity, and finally, the last two chapters are entitled “Action” and encourage readers to practice their creativity.

The four sections are divided into eight chapters, each being dedicated to one tool. In each chapter, readers are bestowed four keys that help them practice and analyze each feature of their creativity.

Alongside its uniqueness in being a practical book, “Harness Your Creativity” can also be differentiated from other books of the same genre on two additional levels.

On one hand, readers are granted the flexibility to read the book in any order they prefer.

“All readers should preferably start with the first two chapters dedicated to ‘Discover’,” Tabbara told Annahar. “But, after those two, they are free to jump back and forth in chapters and read whatever tool they want to,” she added.

According to Tabbara, readers sometimes decide to read through the entire book and then revisit specific chapters when faced with a situation that entails the use of one of the tools. Others however, read the chapters in the order they see best fitting to their lifestyle.

On the other hand, the book is written in a way that can resonate with almost everyone, rather than being narrowed to a specific audience.

“This book is for anyone,” said Tabbara. “Regardless of their background, this book is for those who are ready to adopt a creative lifestyle and find pleasure in the small things around.”

While readers will find their originality among a few book pages, Tabbara’s journey in writing the lines of creativity carry a whole other story.

After working for over five years on major Hollywood films, Tabbara returned to Lebanon in 2011 and opened FADE IN:, marking her first steps in entrepreneurship.

The writing hub she launched focuses on educating ambitious writers on the creative process, which she developed into her very own methodology after researching and testing. Having coached several profiles of people from different backgrounds on this process, Tabbara came to realize the positive effect the former had on people’s lives.

“When I saw the huge effect those trainings have, I felt the need to expand the methodology’s reach,” Tabbara told Annahar. “It was this and the effect creativity had on my personal life that gave birth to this book.”

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