Bouzet Jeddo: Traditional ice cream with a modern twist

Their ice cream is certified gluten-free and incredibly light, free of cream and eggs.
by Tala Hammour

14 June 2018 | 14:32

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  • by Tala Hammour
  • Source: Annahar
  • Last update: 14 June 2018 | 14:32

A look of Notting Hill gives a whole new ambiance to Beirut's Bliss St. (Annahar Photo/Tala Hammour)

BEIRUT: As a child, Tamara Daouk’s summertime activity involved shadowing her late grandfather Anis Daouk as he made ice-cream. Years later, she opened an ice cream parlor, Bouzet Jeddo, creating an enduring family tradition.

Professionally, her grandfather was a lawyer, but at night, he took up making ice cream as a serious hobby. Daouk became famous for his frozen treats and offered it to family, friends, neighbors and even handymen who came to his house.

After Daouk’s passing, his legacy lived as his family continued to make ice cream according to his recipes. In August 2016, as a tribute to her grandfather, Tamara Daouk opened up Bouzzet Jeddo, selling traditionally made ice cream with a modern twist.

Everything at Bouzet Jeddo embodies the coming together of tradition and authenticity, with trendiness and youthfulness. The parlor is located in a 150-year-old building at the end of Bliss Street that Tamara Daouk re-painted with a bright and attractive yellow, “I wanted to create a mini Notting Hill in the heart of Beirut,” she noted.

Daouk pairs her homemade signature brownie with a scoop of her grandfather’s traditional ice cream to create the most indulgent old-meets-new concoction.

Thick balls of ice cream are smoothly scooped out of large tin buckets onto crispy cones for customers to relish on in the beaming sun. Bouzet Jeddo also boasts a comfortable indoor seating to protect customers and their ice cream from melting in the summer heat.

Bouzet Jeddo’s ice cream distinguishes itself by using completely natural ingredients, “all of our ice cream is free of chemicals and additives,” Daouk told Annahar, “ “We don’t use a pre-made base; if it’s mulberry, we use fresh fruit; if it’s chocolate, we use Belgian chocolate; for our lemon ice cream, we use freshly-squeezed lemon juice,” she added.

Their praline ice cream is a crowd-pleaser, and Daouk still caramelizes, roasts and crushes the almonds by hand the way her grandfather used to do it.

Their ice cream is certified gluten-free and incredibly light, free of cream and eggs. They also offer four vegan flavors: mulberry, strawberry, mango and their current seasonal Ramadan flavor, amereddine.

The boutique is strategically located near ACS, IC, the German School and AUB, providing students with the perfect sugar rush after a long brain-draining day.

Rayyan Shukr, a student at AUB, and her friend Mayya Hadba were enjoying a relaxed conversation over an eccentric mix of ice cream flavors on a warm Sunday afternoon. According to them, “Bouzet Jeddo was on the list of the top places to have ice cream in Beirut.”

The verdict: “it tastes real,” Shukr said.

Other than sweet-toothed youth, Daouk notes that Bouzet Jeddo also attracts socialite Beiruti ladies, who are particularly fond of “Jeddo’s gift box” to show off at highbrow gatherings.

The gift box contains twelve petite cups filled with a variety of ice cream flavors that can be delivered straight to one’s door.

Expats also love the taste of the authentic ice cream and the welcoming atmosphere of Bouzet Jeddo, according to the shop owner. “I’ve had a lot of positive feedback not only on the ice cream but also the design of the shop,” Daouk told Annahar.

In the coming weeks, Bouzet Jeddo will be opening up a new ice cream parlor in Dubai


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