2018 FIFA WORLD CUP RUSSIA™14 Jun - 15 Jul

World Cup 2018 venue checklist

BEIRUT: Another major quadrennial event is going to take place; the elections are over, and now it’s time for the World Cup.

The World Cup season comes and brings with it harmless competitiveness, daily excitement, and satisfying suspense. This year, just like any previous other, cafes and venues are preparing to screen every match, and unite cheering, enthusiastic, and excited football lovers who maintain their sportsmanship regardless of what team they’re supporting.

Different people support different teams, making the whole experience a lot more exciting and alive.

“I will be cheering for Brazil,” Aya Assouma said to Annahar, “I love their style of play."

As usual, almost everyone has already chosen their favorite team and their plan B and C in case the first team chosen loses. Every person has their own reason as to why a particular team earns their support.

Hassan Malle, for instance, a hardcore fan of the Italian team, said “I will be cheering for any team who will be playing against Sweden,” adding that “after all, Sweden defeated Italy.”

For Sally Agha, however, the reason is far lighter and solely personal, “I will be cheering for Belgium, I love their chocolate.”

Now that almost everyone has a favorite team on their mind, where will they watch the games?

“I like to watch the game on a giant projection screen while eating a giant popcorn box,” said Ali Abdel Rahman, a football fan.

For people like Rahman, many venues are offering what he wants and are already prepared to screen the games. Here are some of the places:

Kahwet Beirut - Beirut Waterfront, Biel, Downtown, Beirut District

With a touch of classic Beiruti vibes, Kahwet Beirut marks a good place for gatherings and quick bites to pass time during breaks.

Junkyard - Armenia Street, Exit of United Gas Station, Mar Mikhael, Beirut District

Both the garden and the rooftop will be screening the games. They have topnotch cocktails and a vibrant crowd to cheer with during the games.

N12 FanPark - Armenia Street, Mar Mikhael

N12 FanPark is a place made exclusively for people to eat, drink and cheer for their favorite teams. N12 stands for the additional player in the football game: the fans!

Jnaynit Farid - Joint Beirut, Bechara El Khoury, Ras El Nabeh, Beirut District

Jnaynit Farid, a very comfortable restaurant with a Nargileh lounge is the ultimate place for relaxing while enjoying the World Cup. The restaurant will be showing the matches on two large screens.

Loris - Pasteur Street, Gemmayze, Beirut District

Loris will have outdoor screenings of the World Cup games, on the terrace and offline games in the restaurant, as well as online activations contests.

Café Em Nazih - Saifi Urban Gardens, Pasteur Street, Gemmayze, Beirut District

Café Em Nazih is another perfect environment for watching the games; you can enjoy their Lebanese cuisine, their tasty Shisha, and their fresh drinks!

Celtic Irish Pub - Monot Street, Ashrafieh, Beirut District

For a more western environment, Celtic Irish Pub offers refreshing beers and delicious cheese potato balls to make your experience satisfactory!

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