Deadpool 2: Bigger, bolder, and colossally better than its predecessor

Nothing is left sacred by the time the film is over, and this is why it works.
by Alan Mehanna English

16 May 2018 | 15:17

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From the opening scene to the three secret scenes at the end, DEADPOOL 2 is the best screenplay of 2018.

BEIRUT: Nothing makes a film experience more enjoyable than a film that pushes the envelope, entertains, and delivers a rather deep message by the time it is over.

After breaking box office records, Ryan Reynolds returns as “Deadpool” and this time the sequel is bigger and more badass than ever… you can say it’s quite the juggernaut.

DEADPOOL 2 sees our hero faced with an internal conflict regarding his growth as a character, learning that the word family is not so bad, all the while realizing that a family is what he really wants.

While the first film flew under the radar, the sequel had a lot riding on it, and sequels have a tendency of being box office failures.

Thankfully, the masterful team behind the film knew what they were doing.

DEADPOOL 2, much like the first film, does not take the genre seriously, and it also doesn’t take itself seriously.

It’s self-aware to the point of Deadpool breaking the fourth wall and apologizing for a cheesy moment or a lazy writing choice.

Ryan Reynolds makes fun of screenwriting. He makes fun of Fox. He makes fun of all the things associated with the franchise, and ultimately makes fun of himself.

Nothing is left sacred by the time the film is over, and this is why it works.

This is no AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, or a film that brings a cinephile to a pleasurable finale, this is a “let’s just make fun of everyone and everything in an age where smart comedy is dead” kind of film.

From the opening scene to the three secret scenes at the end, DEADPOOL 2 is the best screenplay of 2018.

DEADPOOL 2 might be an action comedy, but there’s a real beating heart to it, and the secret to the film’s recipe is its emotional core, Deadpool himself.

He’s a character that’s been kicked and knocked down, and life’s been really tough on him, as a character with cancer and this terrible scarring on his face, and ultimately this is why he is entirely relatable.

Another positive aspect is the fact that the film is filled with an assortment of nasty antagonists, but there is no one main villain.

DEADPOOL 2 doesn’t have the traditional mustache-twirling villain.

The audience is led to believe that Cable is the actual villain and it’s going to be Cable versus Deadpool. Ultimately, that doesn’t turn out to be the case and they team up.

The brilliance of the film is that it never entirely sacrifices the stakes of a situation for the comedy, but rather delivers the jokes the same way someone might when they are in a horrifying situation – out of sheer fear or nervousness.

The film’s pacing is as relentless as its dialogue and stays dynamic throughout the film’s duration.

Visually, the film does not offer fight sequences the way one would expect.

To this day, the CAPTAIN AMERICA: WINTER SOLDIER causeway fight sequence is one of the best choreographed, paced, filmed, etc. sequences in cinema history.

Though DEADPOOL 2 had a highway chance scene at the film’s midpoint it did not match the complexities that other films have offered.

This is where this film suffers the most.

Yes, the jokes were better, and the story was deeper – but the fight sequences were not as big.

The final battle between to titans, and the lead up to Deadpool’s overall mission in the film work but do feel a bit anti-climactic by the time they are over.

DEADPOOL 2 is a solid sequel, that not only goes for the low blow joke, but adds a politically incorrect vibe to a cinematic universe that tends to play it safe in most cases.

Exiting the film, the audience will have but one question on their minds, “When does the third chapter come out?”


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