Breakdown of Lebanon's new parliament

The 128 MPs were elected under a newly ratified electoral law across 15 districts after 49.2% of eligible voters cast their ballots.
by Georgi Azar

9 May 2018 | 09:38

Source: by Annahar

  • by Georgi Azar
  • Source: Annahar
  • Last update: 9 May 2018 | 09:38

In this photo released by the Lebanese Parliament media office, former Lebanese Prime Minister and lawmaker Saad Hariri, center, casts his vote during a session to elect new president at the parliament hall, in Beirut, Lebanon, Monday, Oct. 31, 2016. (AP Photo)

BEIRUT: Lebanese elected their 128 representatives for the first time in nine years on Sunday, in a highly contested battle mired in allegations of corruption which flared up the sectarian divide. 

The 128 MPs were elected under a newly ratified electoral law across 15 districts after 49.2% of eligible voters cast their ballots.

Following is a breakdown of the parliamentary blocs for the next four years. 

Free Patriotic Movement and allies (29 MPs)

Moustafa Husseini (Akkar MP), Assad Dergham (Akkar MP), Michel Mouawad (Zgharta MP and head of the Independence Movement), George Atallah (Koura MP), Gebran Bassil (Batroun MP), Salim Aoun (Zahle MP), Michel Daher (Zahle MP), Elie Ferzli (Rashaya MP), Nicolas Sehnaoui (Beirut MP), Antoine Pano (Beirut MP), Cezar Abi Khalil (Aley MP), Farid Boustani (Chouf MP), Mario Aoun (Chouf MP), Alain Aoun (Baabda MP), Hekmat Dib (Baabda MP) , Edgar Maalouf (Metn MP), Elias Bou Saab (Metn MP), Ibrahim Kenaan (Metn MP), Roger Azar (Keserwan MP), Nehme Frem (Keserwan MP), Chemil Roukoz (Keserwan MP), Simon Abi Ramia (Jbeil MP), Edgar Traboulsi (Beirut MP), Ziad Aswad (Jezzine MP), Salim Khoury (Jezznine MP), Hagop Terzian (Beirut MP and member of the Tashnaq party), Alexi Matossian (Beirut MP and member of the Tashnaq party), Hagop Bakradoanian (Metn MP and head of the Tashnaq party), Talal Arslan (Aley MP and leader of the Lebanese Democratic Party). 

Future Movement (20 MPs)

Walid Baarini (Akkar MP), Mohammed Suleiman (Akkar MP), Tarek Al Maarabi (Akkar MP), Hadi Hobeiche (Akkar MP), Mohammed Kabbara (Tripoli MP), Samir El Jisr (Tripoli MP), Dima Jamali (Tripoli MP), Othman Alamedine (Donniyeh MP), Sami Fatfat (Minniyeh MP), Mohammed El Hajjar (Chouf MP), Bahia Hariri (Sidon MP), Saad Hariri (Beirut MP), Nouhad Machnouq (Beirut MP), Tamam Salam (Beirut MP), Roula Tabesh (Beirut MP), Nazih Najm (Beirut MP), Baker El Hajayri (Baalbek - Hermel MP), Mohammed Karaawi (West Bekaa MP), Assem Araji (Zahle MP), Henry Chedid (West Bekaa MP). 

Amal (17 MPs)

Nabih Berri (Tyre - Zahrani MP), Ali Osseiran (Tyre - Zahrani MP), Michel Moussa (Zahrani MP), Enaya Eizzedine (Zahrani MP), Mohammed Khawaja (Beirut MP), Ghazi Zaeiter (Baalbek - Hermel MP), Mohammed Nasrallah (West Bekaa MP), Ali Khreis (Tyre - Zahrani MP), Ali Bezzi (Bint Jbeil MP), Ayoub Hamid (Nabatiyeh MP), Yassine Jaber (Nabatiyeh MP), Hani Kobeissi (Nabatiyeh MP), Kassem Hachem (Nabatiyeh MP), Ali Hassan Khalil (Marjeyoun MP), Anwar Khalil (Hasbaya MP), Fadi Alameh (Baabda MP), Ibrahim Azar (Jezzine MP).

Lebanese Forces (15 MPs)

Wehbeh Qaticha (Akkar MP), Setrida Geagea (Bshare MP), Joseph Ashak, Fadi Saad (Batroun MP), Anis Nassar (Aley MP), George Adwan (Chouf MP), Pierre Bou Assi (Baabda MP), Eddie Abilamaa (Metn MP), Chawki Daccache (Keserwan MP), Ziad Hawwat (Jbeil MP), Imad Wakim (Beirut MP), Antoine Habcheh (Baalbek - Hermel MP), George Okais (Zahle MP), Cezar Maalouf (Zahle MP), Jean Talozian (Beirut MP).

Hezbollah (13 MPs)

Anwar Jemaa (Zahle MP), Ibrahim Moussawi (Baalbek - Hermel MP), Walid Soukariya (Baalbek - Hermel MP), Hussein Hajj Hassan (Baalbek - Hermel MP), Ali Mokdad (Baalbek - Hermel MP), Ihab Hamadeh (Baalbek - Hermel MP), Amine Cheri (Beirut MP), Hussein Jechi (Tyre MP), Nawaf El Moussawi (Tyre - Zahrani MP), Ali Ammar (Baabda MP), Ali Fayad (Hasbaya MP), Mohammed Raed (Nabatiyeh MP), Hassan Fadlalah (Bint Jbeil MP). 

Progressive Socialist Party (9MPs)

Bilal Abdallah (Chouf MP), Hadi Aboul Hassan (Baabda MP), Fayssal El Sayegh (Beirut MP), Wael Abou Faour (West Bekaa MP), Marwan Hamadeh (Chouf MP), Taymour Jumblatt (Chouf MP), Nehmeh Toemeh (Chouf MP), Akram Chohayeb (Aley MP), Henry Helou (Aley MP). 

Al Azem Movement (4 MPs)

Najib Mikati (Tripoli MP), Jean Obeid (Tripoli MP), Nicholas Nahas (Tripoli MP), Ali Darwiche (Tripoli MP).

Pro-Hezbollah parliamentary blocs

Syrian Socialist Nationalist Party (3 MPs)

Salim Saadeh (Koura MP), Albert Mansour (Baalbek - Hermel MP), Assaad Herdan (Hasbaya MP). 

Marada (3 MPs)

Tony Frengiyeh (Zgharta MP), Estephan Douheiri (Zgharta MP), Fayez Ghosson (Koura MP).

Pro-Hezbollah MPs (7 MPs)

Faisal Karameh (Tripoli MP), Jihad Samad (Donniyeh MP), Abdel Rahim Mrad (West Bekaa - Rashaya MP), Jamil El Sayyed (Baalback-Hermel MP), Eddie Demergian (Zahle MP), Oussama Saad (Sidon MP), Adnan Traboulsi (Beirut MP and member of the Association of Islamic Charitable Projects, known as Al Ahbash.)

Independents (4MPs)

Fouad Makhzoumi (Beirut MP), Moustafa Al Husseini (Jbeil MP), Michel El Murr (Metn MP), Farid El Khazen (Keserwan MP).

Kataeb (3 MPs)

Sami Gemayel (Metn MP), Elias Hankash (Metn MP), Nadim Gemayel (Beirut MP).


Paula Yacoubian (Beirut MP).

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