Rudy Abboud: A foodie with a bite

He didn't know he would become a credible foodie with people surfing his famous Instagram page for recommendations.
by Maria Matar

4 May 2018 | 13:48

Source: by Annahar

  • by Maria Matar
  • Source: Annahar
  • Last update: 4 May 2018 | 13:48

This undated photo shows Rudy Abboud. (Photo Courtesy of Rudy Abboud)

BEIRUT: A witty quip of foodie Rudy Abboud notes that “Food is an item endorsed by tailors everywhere; the more you eat the more you gain weight, the more their business grows.”

In 2013, Abboud decided to taste food twice; in the moment, and in retrospect, through the pictures he takes. Nevertheless, what he didn’t know was that his Instagram page would become famous, and he would become a credible foodie with people surfing his page for recommendations.

Abboud recounted how his food journey began with the combination of his passion for traveling, photography, and food.

“It all started with a burger post. I’ve always had a passion for taking pictures; especially that I travel a lot and try new types of food. I was just posting what I eat daily and I unintentionally gained fame and followers,” he told Annahar.

Abboud’s Instagram page showcases mouthwatering dishes such as veggie-packed sandwiches, steaks dripping with sauces, creamy pasta, nachos with melting cheese on top, cakes, and more.

Abboud also focuses on the caption of the picture, which he believes should trigger the person reading it to pay attention to the unnoticeable; “often people focus on the big picture and disregard the details," as he says.

Furthermore, apart from traveling, taking pictures, and documenting his food experiences, Abboud leads a busy life as the managing partner in a consultancy, a marketing manager in a translation company, and the vice president in the NGO Cyclamen.

Being an experienced foodie, Abboud is additionally a blogger on Zomato. He has reviewed more than 660 places and was ranked as Zomato’s #6 blog.

Abboud noted, however, “Followers surf Instagram and Facebook pages for recommendations, and since most people are posting randomly just to become famous and gain restaurant invitations, it’s not as credible anymore.”

On Abboud's Instagram page, photography and food have a strong bond, where each complements the other while attempting to showcase the art of food. Abboud recommends having a blurred background with the food as the center of attention. 

Concerning his love for his hometown's cuisine, Abboud notes that “if you want to learn more about your country, leave it. After traveling the world I realized that Lebanese food is my favorite," he told Annahar.


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