Jamaloukicon: A magic spell of three days

From cosmetics booths to prêt-a-porter and bespoke fashion, glamour seekers kept an eye open for celebrities.
by TK Maloy and Sally Farhat

30 April 2018 | 12:58

Source: by Annahar

This photo shows one of the several backdrops used for VIP events at the Jamoukicon event. (Annahar Photo/TK Maloy)

BEIRUT: Glitter hit a crescendo swirl by the final day of Saturday when glamour seekers flooded the Beirut waterfront to attend Jamaloukicon; the three-day fashion festival.

"Jamaloukicon is an great opportunity for beauty lovers," Joelle Abou Nasr, also known as Tbh.jo, told Annahar, adding that "it connects you to many people you used to look up to on Instagram."

From cosmetics booths to prêt-a-porter and bespoke fashion, glamour seekers kept an eye open for celebrities. The overall show was a kaleidoscope of images. Many Beirutis were reduced to style-searching, like children mesmerized by colorful and beautiful things.

Fortunately for former Victoria Secret and Sports Illustrated model Izabel Goulart, a brace of study security men kept the hundreds of fans at bay, only letting in a few at a time to take selfies. The men afterward deftly moved their star to her waiting car and locked the lobby doors to keep everyone else on one side.

Famous blogger, Camillia Coehlo, who has seven-million plus followers, told Annahar during her drop by how she likes to range her blog topics touching upon core subjects such as beauty and fashion tips to sometimes including travel items.

Annahar also interviewed the hugely popular blogger Samar Saraqui de Buttafoco, a former journalist and now author of the Une Libanaise; a Paris blog.

In addition to creating a well-read blog, she has set off in the direction of launching a simple t-shirt and clothing line, with her signature shirt sporting the common word of endearment "Habibi."

Elsewhere, in one of the many corners of the venue, stood a new teen-clothing concept store.

"My partner and I were thinking of attending the event and then we were like why not showcase our new concept to the world through this event," said Zeina Ghosn, owner of rockstar-the-teen-clothing store concept. "It happened by chance and we are happy to be part of this."

English Literature major Zahara Nouredine was at the event to take the Vlogger Academy. The lessons entailed an hour-long course in vlogging that covered everything from film technique and camera angles to hairstyles.

For those who stuck with it, there was a certificate, which she and a friend proudly displayed to our correspondents, as they effusively discussed the fully-attended training course.

Throughout the show, designers such as Rabih Kayrouz, Azzi et Osta, Roni Hélou, and Nicolas Gebran were showing their collections. These personages were also present at frequent moments allowing for meets and greets with fans.

Debut show collections were offered by Ram Kadi, Hussein Bazaza, Poise Design, Karoline Lang, Jean-Louis Sabaji, Andrea Wazen and Azzi & Osta, and an exclusive arranging with Jamalouki.

NYX Lipstick had a line of hundreds of fans for a lipstick giveaway, where patience was the order of the day.

For those making rendezvous in the sprawling space, the Nespresso booth was a popular meeting locale, where Raya Wakin and Dima Darwashian were there to take quick energizer breaks.

Beyond the famous Coehlo, the event brought in other well-known bloggers such as Nour Arida and Cee (Christina) Karam, with the latter launching her nail kit, The Essentials by Cee Karam, through the event.

"It's a hub of fashion and beauty and all my fans, that I am grateful for, are here," Karam said. "This makes it a good place to launch my line," she added.

Singers such as Marc Hatem and Lara Scandar were also present at the event.

"I came with Redbull and I was in their booth to meet and greet," said Hatem.

Well-known singer Bruno Khairallah told Annahar “I loved seeing young people coming together for such a nourishing event.”

The background beat throughout the halls of the show was everything from Deep House to tributes for the late Avicii, a young DJ known on a global scale.

Lebanese international designer Nicolas Jebran wrapped up Jamaloukicon with a dazzling fashion show on Saturday to a thrilled crowd.

"The most beautiful thing about the event is that it gets people from different fields together," said the fashion designer Salim Azzam.

--- With Annahar Correspondent Maria Matar. 

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