Anthony Abou Antoun: When age really is just a number

Abou Antoun’s success gave him the opportunity to meet international artists that are also awarded in the Top Charts, such as Kygo, Chainsmokers, David Guetta, Tiesto and Martin Garrix.
by Patricia Batruny

26 April 2018 | 14:25

Source: by Annahar

  • by Patricia Batruny
  • Source: Annahar
  • Last update: 26 April 2018 | 14:25

This photo shows Anthony Abou Antoun (center) with the EDM DJ group The Chainsmokers. (Photo courtesy of Abou Antoun)

BEIRUT: Some say age is just a number, and some, like Anthony Abou Antoun, prove it.

The 22-year-old Abou Antoun, who is the CEO of Crazy Events and Artists & More, has shown through hard work and event success that he might be one of the youngest CEOs in the events scene.

It all started with working with his mother’s event planning company Crazy Events at the age of 12; and now at 22, he is the manager of Crazy Events and also has his own company, Artists & More, which is rated as Lebanon’s number one entertainment company for show production, according to Lebanese entertainment statistics.

Despite his young age, with determination and hard work, he managed to turn Artists & More into a company that consists of more than 120 local artists and 300 international artists.

“I started first helping my mom in events at a very young age, which allowed me to realize that’s what I want to be one day. Now in my early 20s, I am working on pursuing my own goal and marking my name locally and internationally,” he told Annahar.

Three years ago, the planted seed of his dreams began to blossom, and he started promoting shows for top DJs and artists around the world, such as Unite With Tomorrowland, Elrow Ibiza, AUB Outdoors, Jounieh Festival, Aghani Festival, and Virgin Radio; in addition to the biggest clubs and resorts in the country, such as Discotek, Uberhaus, Garten, MYU on the roof, and more.

Tommorowland is one of the largest music festivals worldwide. It is an Electronic dance festival held in Bloom, Belgium, that consists of more than 100 DJs. Over 185,000 people from over 75 countries around the world attend it, and more than 35,000 attendees stay in Dream Ville, where they sleep in tents throughout the whole event.

The event usually lasts for three days; though sometimes, the party lasts for two weekends.

Tommorowland has also organized Unite with Tommorowland events in other countries that serve as satellite events, streaming the whole festival taking place in Belgium. Abou Antoun represented artists and show productions for Unite With Tommorowland in Lebanon that took place at Plages Des Rois last summer. The festival included live streaming, massive DJ line-ups, international and local artists, and Artists & More‘s entertainment dancers.

Earning the key of success, Abou Antoun opened many doors.

He met international artists that are also awarded in the Top Charts, such as Kygo, Chainsmokers, David Guetta, Tiesto and Martin Garrix.

“Both my companies, Crazy Events, and Artists and More, not only performed for international artists but became international themselves. My company has performed in Muscat, Oman, Dubai, Jordan, Cyprus, Qatar, Abu Dhabi,” he said.

The 22-year-old advises other young entrepreneurs to believe in their ideas and dreams, to travel, and to experience new things.

Most importantly, he would like to see young talents who can represent Lebanon abroad as the country of entertainment and not a country of war.

Abou Antoun first started his career by performing for DJs at the biggest events in Lebanon; He also produced for massive shows for top-rated artists, like Lost Frequencies, BassJackers, BlasterJaxx, Alexandra Stan, Redefoo, etc.

The young Lebanese doesn’t only think of planning events for adult fans, but for kids as well.

For the first time in Lebanon, Crazy Events brought Balloons Wonderland World Tour on Christmas 2017 at Palais Des Congres Dbaye, where the audience was treated to an exciting balloon stage entertainment. The event promoted dancers, rollers acrobats, aerialists, magic, circus acts, elves, Santa, and more; and all were wearing balloon costumes that were Abou Antoun’s concept.

“In collaboration with my team, productions that my company brings from outside Lebanon, and other deals we make with agencies give us high standards of production which helps a lot in producing such successful events,” the events planner told Annahar.

The young entrepreneur now has his own office for both his companies, located in Mezher, Antelias. It’s a friendly studio with surround system, a DJ set and a bar with drinks, where guests can chill, and employees can enjoy their contemplating new ideas and shows. The studio also includes a stock of costumes imported from Ibiza and Miami that are worn by Artists & More and Crazy Events entertainers.

It was however, a bumpy ride at first.

“It was a challenge entering a market that was monopolized by some larger companies. Plus, being a particular age and collaborating with much older owners was a huge challenge for me,” he told Annahar.

Artists & More entertainment will be opening for John Martin, the singer behind "Don't you worry Child," on May 13, at AUB outdoors. 


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