Crunchy Flakes: An edible nostalgic trip

Crunchy Flakes offers more than 100 kinds of cereals such as Oreo, Lion King, fitness cornflakes, lucky charms, and many others.
by Maria Matar

13 March 2018 | 11:42

Source: by Annahar

  • by Maria Matar
  • Source: Annahar
  • Last update: 13 March 2018 | 11:42

This photo shows the cookie monster milkshake. (Photo Courtesy of Crunchy Flakes)

BEIRUT: From the many choices of breakfast in Lebanon, the newest addition is Crunchy Flakes, a cafe devoted to sweet crunchy cereal.

Crunchy Flakes currently has two branches, one at Le Mall Dbaye and another at ABC Verdun.

All the Crunch Flakes cafes have a similar experience for customers: children feel as if they’re in their cereal paradise and adults feel nostalgic about their childhood.

Ramy Naim, the manager at the ABC Verdun branch, explained the concept.

“The idea was inspired by the Cereal Killers café in London. However, we partnered with a company called Sama to add our own twist: we offer smoothie bowls, waffles, ice cream sandwiches and many other items-all combined with cereal. It’s not your regular homemade bowl of cereal at Crunchy Flakes,” he told Annahar.

Crunchy Flakes offers more than 100 kinds of cereals such as Oreo, Lion King, fitness cornflakes, lucky charms, and many others. One can customize their own bowl choosing the cereals along with the infinite toppings including peanut butter, Nutella, ice cream, pretzels, fruits, and popcorn.

Each bowl is served with a bottle of milk chosen by the customer, ranging from almond milk, soy milk, vanilla milk, dairy milk; whole or skim.

Apart from customized bowls, this café presents tasty desserts such as cereal milkshakes, cereal cakes, cereal ice cream sandwiches and cereal waffles. Some of its specialties are Oreo waffle, popcorn milkshake, Nutella crunch ice cream cake, cotton candy Frappuccino, and the cookie monster milkshake.

Even though cereals are considered as breakfast meals, Naim noted that customers come at night too.

“People from all ages visit the place, be it for breakfast or for a late night snack. Apart from the tasty desserts, friends enjoy playing tic-tac-toe or snake and ladders within the friendly ambiance,” he said, adding that “customers love the walls here for an Instagram picture background.”

Laurence Daou told Annahar that her daughter’s reaction when visiting Crunch Flakes was pure delight.

“My little daughter is willing to finish all her homework in 15 minutes if the prize is visiting Crunchy Flakes. When she gets there, she boasts a wide smile,” she said adding that her favorite post-workout snack is the Green Smoothie Bowl.


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