Frollz: Thai ice cream with a Lebanese twist

When people pass by Frollz, curiosity is drawn on their faces as they see a man pouring liquid on a “Saj” and magically freezing it into ice cream rolls.
by Maria Matar

12 February 2018 | 13:50

Source: by Annahar

  • by Maria Matar
  • Source: Annahar
  • Last update: 12 February 2018 | 13:50

This photo shows blueberry and bounty frollz. (Photo Courtesy of Frolls)

Beirut: In a romantic comedy, there is generally that scene after a breakup when the heroine is in her sweatpants on a couch sobbing over her ex and eating ice cream. Ice cream, in any flavor, can chase the blues away and light up a tasty pleasure. 

Frollz Lebanon offers a unique Thai concept of ice cream with a Lebanese twist.

In 2015, the concept was discovered online by the Lebanese food engineer Vanessa Brassitos. She was mesmerized by the unique way this ice cream was made. Hence, she stayed up all night researching to find out more about the equipment needed to bring this concept to Lebanon.

Brassitos proposed the idea to her siblings in the US who consequently opened a branch there. After a while Brassitos and her partner Cesar Semaan started a branch in Jbeil and another in Le Mall Sin el Fil.

When people pass by Frollz, curiosity is drawn on their faces as they see a man pouring liquid on a “Saj” and magically freezing it into ice cream rolls.

Brassitos explained how Frollz ice cream is made.

“The recipe is basically made up of condensed milk and other secret ingredients. The cream is placed on the machine which is a compressor that performs a shock freeze. Due to its very low temperature, it turns the liquid into frozen ice cream in less than 2 minutes,” she told Annahar.

The machine is environmentally friendly and the owners are fully committed to provide ice cream products that comply with customer requirements for food safety, in terms of personal hygiene and healthy practices.

The ice cream product is made on the spot in front of the customer in a lively and engaging approach. The customer will have the option to combine virtually any type of fruit, chocolate bars, alcohol, or nuts with their favorite ice cream flavor and special toppings.

Lea Ghanem, a Frollz fan, expressed her addiction to the product.

“When I first saw the way it was made, I was shocked! Seeing liquid freshly freezing in front of me was a new experience. The rolls have a very rich taste that I have become addicted to. I have tried almost all the flavors and I can’t wait to try new ones.” she said.

Brassitos describes Frollz as “one destination with countless choices,” since it offers a wide range of flavors and toppings. Some of Frollz specialties are: chocolate with kinder bars and kinder Bueno, cheesecake with lotus, vanilla with Strawberry and kinder, and Dark chocolate with banana.

Brassitos and her partner Cesar Semaan are working on creating a new hot dessert in order to transform Frollz from a seasonal to a year-round experience.

Brassitos noted her ambitions.

“Frollz is our baby and we’re exploding our skills to continuously improve it. From the start, our target was not only easy profit. We want to deliver a unique and clean experience to the Lebanese people. Happily we have achieved our goal and the best is yet to come,” she told Annahar.


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