Annahar live: Together we build a nation

7 February 2018 | 13:11

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Annahar is celebrating the launch of a special issue, to be published on Thursday, which features an unprecedented group of prestigious guest writers. Over 250 iconic personalities will come together today at Annahar’s offices, for an event hosted by the issue’s guest Editor-in-Chief, governor of Banque du Liban Dr. Riad Salameh. The event will feature live interviews with high profile figures from various industries, with Annahar inviting its readers to take part in this unique event by connecting with us through our live blog and Facebook live stream, as we work together hand in hand to build the Lebanon we all dream of.  

Annahar live: Together we build a nation

Hiba Tawaji, Soprano: Today's event will undoubtedly lead to the continuity of Annahar 

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Banque Du Liban Governor Dr. Riad Salameh and Annahar Editor-in-Chief Nayla Tueni along with the different guests 

Silvio Chiha, Lebanese athlete: The late Gebran Tueni was my idol, and I fully support this initiative just as Annahar supported me during my career 

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Barkev Atamian, Brand Director at Atamian: Annahar mirrors press freedom in Lebanon, and this initiative is an indication of that 

Banque Du Liban Governor Dr. Riad Salameh: We need to work hand in hand, with a clear vision and Lebanon's different institutions, to build the nation we all dream of 

Banque Du Liban Governor Dr. Riad Salameh: This initiative, championed by Annahar, will help us build the pillars for a brighter tomorrow 

Banque Du Liban Governor Dr. Riad Salameh speaking at Annahar's offices

Banque Du Liban Governor Dr. Riad Salameh: In the future, Lebanon will count on the banking and energy sector in order to bolster its economy

Banque Du Liban Governor Dr. Riad Salameh: Our economy has the ability to grow, and we have been able to weather the crises that have come our way 

Banque Du Liban Governor Dr. Riad Salameh: I would like to thank Nayla Tueni for the opportunity to act as Editor-in-Chief of this special issue 

Fadlo Khoury, President of AUB: What we're seeing today is a show of support for Journalism and freedom of speech, which are both under threat today 

Imad Marmal, Journalist: This initiative will reinvigorate journalism in Lebanon and comes at a time when new voices need to be heard

Banque Du Liban Governor Dr. Riad Salameh will share his thoughts shortly 

Dr. Inaya Eizzeddine, Minister of State for Administrative Development: It's a unique event, Annahar is a platform for exchanging different views yet with the same goal in mind, of building a nation 

MP Sami Gemayel, Kataeb Party leader: This is an amazing step, Annahar today is connecting with a new part of society, and its important to continue engaging readers that are shifting to new technologies 

Rozan Chaer Dana, Owner of News Communication: Annahar represents the essence of the written word, and the culture of the whole of Lebanon 

Dr. Inaya Eizzeddine, Minister of State for Administrative Development: To build a nation we must all be truthful with one another, specifically because we did not enjoy a proper reconciliation plan after the war  

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Guests gather at Annahar's offices 

Joe Ayache, CEO of Porter Novelli: Annahar embracing the digital aspect of news media personifies the freedom of speech it's been championing for more than 80 years 

Daoud al-Sayegh, Prime Minister Saad Hariri's representatives: The written word will remain of the utmost importance, and my hope is for Annahar to preserve its print edition for many years to come

Gino Raidy, Blogger: I hope members of Annahar's team consider running in the upcoming elections 

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Antoine Hakim: CEO of Hakim Jewelry: This initiative is groundbreaking, and I hope that it paves the way for many more to come

Dr. Haroutian Samulian, Vice Governor of Banque Du Liban: Our governor is fit to act as Editor-in-Chief of this special issue, as he guided Lebanon out of numerous crises. 

José  Maria Ferré, Spanish Ambassador in Lebanon: I commend Nayla Tueni's initiative, as she perseveres in expanding Annahar's platform digitally 

Nicholas Chams, Head of Beirut's Trader Association: A lowering of rent will bolster business in Downtown Beirut

Father Toufic Maatouk, Artistic Director of Antonine University: I'm looking forward to this special issue as it will express the thoughts of Lebanese people from different walks of life

Sarah Shalaby, Journalist: This special issue has the ability to generate a new impulse in the Lebanese discourse 

Preparations underway at Annahar's offices 

The ornaments decorating Annahar's offices on this special day 

We will be joined today by Mona Abou Hamzeh, Ward el Khal, and Hiba Tawaji, among other acclaimed personalities 

Annahar's building today

Work in progress, a caricature by artist Arman Homsi for Annahar's special issue tomorrow 

Journalist and economist Ghazi Wazni writing his article on Lebanon's economic prospects which will be featured in tomorrow's special issue 

Omar Christidis, CEO of Arabnet: The pace of future technology innovations is exceeding the ability of governments to properly regulate them, thus slowing business development

To watch the full interview with Christidis, click here

Our Editor-in-Chief with the youth of Lebanon at Annahar's offices

Guests today will include Banque Du Liban Governor Riad Salameh, top industrialist Jacques Sarraf, and AUB President Fadlo Khoury, hosted by Annahar Editor-In-Chief Nayla Tueni 

Annahar gears up for the launch of its special issue 

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