French groups sue Samsung amid alleged labor abuse

The lawsuit accuses Samsung of "deceptive trade practices."

11 January 2018 | 13:35

Source: Associated Press

  • Source: Associated Press
  • Last update: 11 January 2018 | 13:35

This photo shows the Samsung store in Paris. October 11, 2016. (AFP Photo)

PARIS: Two French rights groups have filed a lawsuit against electronics giant Samsung, accusing it of misleading advertising because of alleged labor abuses at factories in China and South Korea.

The unusual lawsuit filed Thursday in Paris court by Sherpa and ActionAid France names Samsung's Seoul-based headquarters, and its French subsidiary. The court will then decide whether to take up the case.

It accuses Samsung of "deceptive trade practices," based on documents from China Labor Watch and others alleging violations including exploitation of children and use of dangerous equipment and gases.

It's part of larger efforts to use French courts to hold multinationals to account.

Samsung didn't immediately comment. On its website, it said it maintains "a world-class environment, safety and health infrastructure and rigorous standards to safeguard our employees' well-being."

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