Cooking in the Pan: New, healthy and affordable meals

Ayoub's love for food led her to start that home-based business.
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5 January 2018 | 17:32

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Nidal Ayoub, Founder of "Shu fi bil tanjara" is also a member of "Clown Me In”. (Handout Photo)

BEIRUT: "Shu Fi Bil Tanjara," or "discover what's in the cooking pan" is a new food concept, by young entrepreneur Nidal Ayoub, who put her four-year-old idea into action in late August.  

It is all about a weekly menu composed of healthy, home-made daily dishes that are accompanied by a special salad, and sometimes a delicious dessert. The dishes are delivered around Beirut to people who "want to eat healthier food at more affordable prices".

Ayoub's love for food led her to start her home-based business. Another reason, she says, springs from her own experience as an employee.

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"When I was an employee at various corporations, I always thought about the amount of money spent on ordering junk food," she says.

30-year-old Ayoub always talked about establishing a restaurant, until one of her friends encouraged her to start this project.

"My mother, who knew about this idea for years, was also excited about the project," she says.

Ayoub didn't like the idea of being employed. "I do not want to be employed anywhere where I feel exploited, working for long hours and not getting paid on time," she says.

She quit her job as a journalist due to the lack of "independent journalism" among other challenges, she notes.

For $130, anyone can subscribe to have 20 meals delivered per month each including a salad and dessert. A daily meal can also be ordered in Beirut for a cost ranging between L.L10.000 to 15.000 LL.

"Shu fi bil tanjara" also offers special discounts for students.

Ayoub says she is now working on marketing her self-financed project. "I didn't have time to cook when I was employed and I believe there are many young entrepreneurs facing the same challenge too," she said.

People will be also able to place orders for a Tanjara (pan). Each pan has a different cost, based on the price of the ingredients used.

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She is currently working on Tanjara for around four hours a day but plans to hire employees as soon as her business expands.

Ayoub is also a theater graduate, who is currently working on a short movie, and a member of "Clown Me In,” an organization that trains and organizes shows refugees for refugees

But it doesn’t end here!

Ayyoub is also involved in social therapy at the Migrant Community Center (MCC).

"Shu Fi Bil Tanjara" menu is available on the store's Instagram account and Facebook page. 

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