ISF detains 1 of 3 culprits in Fransabank robbery

by Annahar Staff

27 December 2017 | 16:44

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  • by Annahar Staff
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  • Last update: 27 December 2017 | 16:44

A file photo showing a Fransabank branch in Lebanon (Annahar photo)

BEIRUT: Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces (ISF) arrested Wednesday one of three culprits who took part in the armed robbery of a Fransabank branch in Mansourieh, Metn, last week, according to a statement released by the ISF.

The 25-year-old detained suspect, identified by his initials J.D., was arrested in Bourj Hammoud. The detainee confessed to taking part in the robbery, adding that his accomplices vanished following the crime, and kept the stolen money in their possession.

The ISF found that J.D. had a criminal history of robbery and drug-related offenses.

The investigation led the ISF to J.D. after the get-away vehicle used to flee the scene of the crime was traced and found in Ain Saade on the day of the crime. Investigations later revealed that the car was stolen in Faraya.

The car in question is a dark green Toyota Land Cruiser SUV.

Fransabank SAL's management confirmed that the armed robbers escaped with stolen money, without specifying the amount.

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