AUB alum representing Lebanon in Stars of Science

This AUB scholar made it to the final cut of what is considered the number one scientific show in the region.
by Annahar Staff

10 October 2017 | 13:23

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Foud Maksound, AUB nanoscientist graduate, at his research bench. (AUB file/photo)

BEIRUT: AUB grad, 25-year-old Fouad Maksoud, will appear in an upcoming episode of Stars of Science for his expertise in nano-medicine.

Maksoud is a skilled engineer and innovative entrepreneur, who graduated with a master’s degree from the Semaan Faculty of Engineering and Architecture (SFEA) in 2016. He holds a degree from the Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering along with parallel graduate studies in Mechanical Engineering.

Representing Lebanon, this AUB scholar made it to the final cut of what is considered the number one scientific show in the region. His invention consists of an electro-spinner that transforms ordinary apparel into waterproof and bulletproof material.

During his pitch on last weeks’ casting episode, he impressed the jury with the potential of his technology.

“I want to see you become a top gun here, in this show,” said Prof. Fouad Mrad, member of the jury of Stars of Science, during the casting episode.

Maksoud is now working to further develop his invention whilst waiting to find out if he will be selected as one of the top nine innovators of the season. He is working on a product that employs both electro-spinning and nanotechnology to create lab-scale nanofibrous mesh as waterproof medication impregnated with drug delivery systems for wound healing, third degree burns, diabetic ulcers, and muscle strains.

Whether this invention sees light or not is something that will be revealed during the Majlis episode airing on Saturday, October 14, on LBCI at 6:00 p.m.

At the time of his graduation from AUB, Maksoud received a certificate of outstanding research and achievement from the Chemical and Petroleum Engineering department at SFEA. AUB endorsed this talented graduate in this year’s Stars of Sciences and invites the nation to do so.

“Maksoud is creating a groundbreaking invention that will change the way medicine is done, and will bring pride to this country and beyond,” said a statement from the school.

Stars of Science will be airing locally on LBCI every Saturday at 6 pm. To catch up on episodes see

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