A short catalogue of dating disasters

While some people get proposed to on their first dates, others get ditched.
by Rolande El Ghusayni

27 July 2017 | 13:47

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  • by Rolande El Ghusayni
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Not every date is a romance made in heaven, in fact the opposite might closer to the truth.

BEIRUT: Many would argue that dating is not as pleasant as it sounds; while most people tend to focus on the dates where cupid used his famous romance-creating bow and arrow, there lies a darker, yet, funny side that is told between friends about the awful experiences of the dating scene.

For a start, does it seem possible to end up dragging a broken car on your first date? Well, apparently it is, "I was going to go on a date with a guy in Zahle, he came to get me so we could go somewhere to have coffee, cut to five minutes later, his car breaks down in the middle of the road and we were almost run over by a truck; I then had to drag the car with him to the side of the road," said N.H.

After reading this dating disaster story, what else might you expect in terms of dates gone wrong – perhaps post-date suicidal threat notes?

O.C. went on a date with a girl and ended their relationship. Following this, the "unexpected" happened; he woke up at 4:00 am to find a bunch of suicidal threat notes and missed calls. He said, "this is by far one of my worst dating experiences."

This might be hard to believe, but marriage proposals are also a possibility, even on first dates. "I was out for the first time with a guy, and as he's relatively older, I asked him why isn't he married yet, he told me it's because he didn't find the right person, and now that he met me, things changed," said K.H.

Many guys are a bit more patient regarding marriage proposals. They wait until the second date to pop the big question. Paula noted for Annahar, "After only two dates, he decided that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.”

While some people get proposed to on their first dates, others get ditched. A.M. told Annahar, "I cut my hair really short a day before my date and apparently, she didn't like my new hair cut because she ditched me as soon as she saw me."

Certain people even make up stories to ditch a date. "I got a date off Tinder and we went to a restaurant, he kept creepily staring at me all dinner, so then had to fake diarrhea to leave," said B.K.

Aside from the type of people who tend to ditch their dates, there are also people who are inclined to do “stupid” moves on romantic evenings. W.S. went to the cinema with a girl he liked; but as she leaned over the seat to kiss him, but he pushed her away saying he wanted to watch the movie scene. "Till this day, I regret doing this stupid act," said W.S.

These dating stories might seem the worst, but read on, there are more.

"A guy invited me to go on a date, I was expecting him to take me to an expensive restaurant, but he took me to Sakhret El Raouche, and asked me with no shame whatsoever when will I give him a kiss, " said R.S.

An dating disasters for Lebanese aren't on confined to just local liaisons, even in the Paris, the romance capital of the world, things can go wrong. Caroline, a Lebanese girl, went on a trip to the City of Light and wanted to meet people there; so, she went out on a Tinder date with an American guy.

For starters, he looked completely different than on his Tinder picture, he had a ponytail with the bottom half of his hair shaved off, Caroline recounted.

They were supposed to go to the movies, but he arrived 20 minutes late and made her pay for his ticket, and according to Caroline "On top of all this, he chose a lame, slow, Chinese film in black and white."

And 15 minutes into the movie, he fell asleep and started snoring. "I didn't know what to do, I couldn't leave the theater because there was another snoring man on my right," said Caroline.

About 40 minutes later, her date wakes up, looks around and falls back to sleep; he slept throughout the entire rest of the movie.

But the story doesn't end there, Caroline added, "When we got out, he said he knew the way to the train station and made me walk 30 minutes in the opposite direction of my house, then left."

Last but not least, another terrible dating experience would be Patricia's stories. She met a guy in a country club, and he liked her. Patricia said, "He didn't approach me in person, but instead he contacted me over the phone; however, I played along and went on a date with him."

He invited her to dinner, and as she was single back then, she went out with him. He asked her if she has ever been cheated on, and she replied by “no, not that I know of.”

She then proceeded by asking him the same question, but things went the wrong way.

According to Patricia, he felt offended by this question and replied to her with a superior tone "Why would any girl cheat on me? I am rich, I come from one of the wealthiest and most prestigious families."

At that moment, she thought to herself, "You're ugly, short, and stupid; why would any girl not cheat on you?"

Patricia’s “prestigious families” experience was not her worst. She shared with Annahar her second dreadful experience.

She went out on a date to a fancy restaurant with a guy from a wealthy Beiruti family. She then checked the menu to order food, however, each time she proceeded to order something, he replied by “this is fattening”, “this is bad for your health”, and “this is not good”.

“At first I didn’t quite grasp what was happening, but after a while I noticed that everything expensive was bad, fattening, or not good according to him; he was stingy,” said Patricia.

She ended up ordering a Greek salad, and a diet coke.

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