Retroville: A blast from the past

The venue was divided into two parts, the amusements rides and a section dedicated to FnB (food and beverage), Bands and a Chill Out spot for attendees.
by Zeina Nasser an Paula Naoufal

12 July 2017 | 14:30

Source: by Annahar

BEIRUT: Going retro is not only a fashion statement but also a whole new concept attracting people. There's even a retro city; Retroville that visited Lebanon last weekend.  

Retroville is a three-day festival by Mindwisk located in Dream Park, Zouk Mosbeh. The venue was divided into two parts, the amusements rides and a section dedicated to F&B (food and beverage), Bands and a Chill Out spot for attendees.

Giant ice cream cones and colorful lollipops, green and pink vintage radios, and retro seating are all part of the sights and sounds of Retroville.

All of these were suitable for the perfect retro picture for attendees to download on their social media all while listening to different bands playing cover songs. The music perfectly captured the ambiance of the event.

Several food and drink stations were placed in the venue as well, such as Potato Bar, Deek Duke, Pepsi and Redbull all to quinch the thirst and hunger of the attendees that were enjoying their day in the hot and humid weather.

Sara Jomaa and Noah El Awar, heard of this event from Jomaa’s cousin. They were really excited about the idea when they heard about it. "The music is amazing, and the rides that were accessible as part of the ticket were a lot of fun," Jomaa said, adding "I would definitely come next year."

The amusement park had different types of rides that ranged from car carts, roller coasters, and ghost town all providing adrenaline to youngsters and even adults.

Some people such as Cynthia Haidar attended Retroville because they admired the 50s and 20s music. "We need more of this creativity in our country," she added.

The event's friendly vibes were suitable for kids as well, Katia Protsenko explained to Annahar. "It's really funky for kids, and it's such a kid-friendly event," she said.

She only wished "there was a bigger tent to block some of the sun's rays." Despite that, Protensko said that she will definitely attend the event next year if they were to do another one. "Dream Park was mostly captivating for my children," she added while playing with her kids on a yellow beach mat.

The event had a different theme for each of its three days, one for bands, another for DJs, and another for families. It was attended by a rough estimate of 7,000 people, Rola Mezher, owner of Mindwisk events, told Annahar.

Mezher said that she was abroad in an amusement park when she got inspired to create Retroville. The whole concept is surrounded around the idea of a music festival happening inside an amusement park. She added the element of Retro since it was a pin up era and a theme widely seen in such parks. "We're really happy about the outcome and about people's feedback," she further said.

It's okay if you did not dress in retro for Retroville since Poyze, a new mobile application specialized with finding beauty salons around you, had a special kiosk at the retro city. In collaboration with salon Harout and Justina, Poyze took care of ensuring a retro style for event attendees. Sawsan Madhoun from Poyze, said that "everyone wants to go retro today." Meanwhile, Ara, a talented hairdresser, turned one woman’s hair into a retro style in no time.

The event was an ideal combination of the Retro era with a modern touch.

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