Gunman kills 2 in Bekaa; motive unclear

17 April 2017 | 14:20

Source: Annahar

  • Source: Annahar
  • Last update: 17 April 2017 | 14:20

Security forces deploy at the murder scene in Qubb Elias. (Annahar Photo)

BEIRUT: A gunman shot dead Monday two men in Qubb Elias town in the eastern Bekaa valley before surrendering to security forces, the National News Agency reported.

A security source told Annahar that the attack occurred around 6 a.m., adding that the motive for the attack remains unclear.

The assailant, identified as Marc Yammine, opened fire at Khalil Qattan and Talal Al Awad, shortly after stopping to order coffee from the victims’ coffee van.

The NNA the gunman handed himself over to the State Security agency after Justice Minister Selim Jreissati intervened to contain the incident.

The murders prompted angry assailants to vandalize two nearby shops owned by the family of the gunman.

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