Wait, Samir!

by Mohammad Farid Matar

12 April 2017 | 16:02

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  • by Mohammad Farid Matar
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So, that's it? 

Always the last word, your word!

This hurriedness? Is it not you?

We still had time together, and with others.

Time for a good meal, a hearty laugh, a long discussion.

Time to do, and more time to undo.

To reminisce, to caricature self-proclaimed deities and to wager on ordinary, genuine people.

Look around you,

All those who accompanied you in your ordeal,

Along this sinister trail since 1994,

From your house to your last abode.

The victory of tragedy over politics,

the authentic over the assumed.

Those many folks, some sad of face

others ashen by sorrow and despair.

Ordinary folks, the fodder of dreams,

Ideals and hopes:

Scorched by wistful expectations, disappointments, and a shared struggle.

Yet carriers of this endemic sickness,

From father to son, mother to daughter:

Good things will bear, like a good fruit!

From freedom to liberty,

The cycle of mankind, its endeavours and plights. 

Anne, Hala and Samer and your friends,

receiving detractors, enemies and folks.

Humbled, not only by death,

But by your hardiness and audacity.

Some paying tribute to what they were not,

Others to what they would have wanted to be.

All restored, rather elevated, to a semblance of human solidarity:

"The fraternity of the dead" (1)

Wait Samir, Wait!

Seventy one odd years!

A life full to the brim, albeit it a short brim!!

Why the hurry?

We still had time!

"Eheu fugaces, Postume, Postume,Labuntur anni (2)"

Wait Samir, Wait!

Ah me! Samir, dear.


(1) Nietzsche.

(2) Horace, "Ah me, Postumes, Postumes, the fleeting years are slipping by…"


Your friend,

Always and forever.

Mohammad Farid Mattar


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