Education Basket: Opening doors to study abroad

Education Basket has provided counselling for over 1500 students.

3 March 2017 | 15:13

Source: Annahar

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  • Source: Annahar
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"The orientations and advice we give are customized based on each student's needs, grades and budget.” (EB/File)

BEIRUT: Education has come a long way, from being exclusive to the well-off to becoming a necessity to every person from every economic and social status. Going to college whether it's for a bachelor degree or a master's program is an experience on its own; a start of a new stage in life, and the acquiring of much needed skills for the workforce.

Related to this is study aboard for gaining further experience.

For those of you who remember their first trip to a foreign country, how it felt to step on new ground, smell new aromas, and interact with different cultures, probably miss it and can't wait to go again.

Education Basket, an education consultancy and services company, is helping students combine those two life altering experiences.

They are organizing a college fair on March, 10-11 at Dawawine, Beirut, followed by another on the March 12 at the Merabia Foundation, Tripoli. They are hosting a dozen international top universities, along with the Spanish embassy, British Council, Campus France, and DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service). The college fair will include workshops that will focus on various professions, as well as one-on-one sessions with the college representatives.

The motivation behind Education Basket is to guide students through their academic career so that the gap between what skills they have and the market requirements would diminish.

"The orientations and advice we give are customized based on each student's needs, grades, budget, and the course's requirements," said Mylene El Fakhry, CEO of Education Basket.

It is really a matter of independency, maturity, and respect when a student gets the chance to travel and live in a foreign country for a year or more. "A person can never know the limits of their potentials unless they're put in a situation where they need to depend on themselves," commented Valeria Wardini, senior consultant at Education Basket.

"It will enhance interpersonal and communication skills, teach students to listen and respect people coming from other cultures, and get to know their customs and traditions and be able to share a unique experience with other people from all over the world."

Education Basket has provided counselling for over 1500 students, and has helped enroll over 600 students in top universities across the globe. The company has worked for four years in the MENA region, with offices in Kuwait, Qatar, Egypt, and a back office in Lebanon.

This start-up company is finding the need of education to be as high as ever in a region filled with economic problems and strife. They are giving a chance to MENA youth to prove themselves capable of achieving their academic goals while disregarding the obstacles.

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