Family, friends mourn death of 27-year old stabbing victim

by Annahar Staff

18 February 2016 | 18:49

  • by Annahar Staff
  • Last update: 18 February 2016 | 18:49

This undated photo shown Marcelino Zammata with his fiancée Stephanie Saad.

BEIRUT: Ashrafieh's residents, family members and friends of Marcelino Zammata bid farewell Thursday to the 27-year old fiancé who was murdered Tuesday night after a dispute with two young men on Sassine Square.

The memorial service, which was held at the Melkite Dioceses in Ashrafieh at 3 p.m., was attended by a large and angry crowd.

Zammata, who days before his murder, got engaged to 24 year-old Stephanie Saad, was knifed to death in public after a fight with Hassan Ibrahim Faqih, a Lebanese national and Palestinian Ahmad Mounir Saad.

An Internal Security Forces (ISF) source told Annahar that a verbal dispute between Marcelino and Fakih developed into a fist fight when Saad intervened and stabbed Zammata to death.

"The investigation unit arrived within moments to the crime scene and arrested the suspects who were taken to the police headquarters in Ashrafieh for investigation," the security source said.

Elissa Saad, Stephanie's sister, told Annahar that "the two men were on the side of the road when Zamata and his fiancée stopped at red traffic light on Sassine Square."

"When the traffic light turned green the two men ran after the car," she said, which prompted Marcelino to park the car and step outside. "At that point the two guys stabbed him once in the waist and another fatal stab to the heart."

The crime took place near one of the Lebanese Forces (LF) offices in Ashrafieh, an LF member said.
"We were standing on the balcony and saw a car stop and Marcelino step out and fight with two other guys. We hurled to stop the fight," Manuel told Annahar.

"We hurled downstairs...but by the time we got there he was lying on the ground.... The two young men tried to escape, but were stopped by some guys who were in the vicinity [of the crime scene]," Manuel said.

"It took only a few minutes for the ambulance and security forces to arrive... it is really incredible how a man could be killed with lightning speed," Manuel said.

Manuel's farther urged the judiciary to inflict the death penalty on the suspects, warning that he will take matters into his own hands if justice is not served.

"My son's blood will not go in vein and his murderers will be killed, even if after a while, and their punishment will be in Sassine Square... I rejoiced when he graduated from university and when he got engaged, I was hoping to see his children but all that was taken from me in an instant," Suheil Zammata, the heartbroken father, cried out.


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