Storm Vladimir covers Lebanon with snow

1 January 2016 | 16:33

Source: By Annahar Staff

  • Source: By Annahar Staff
  • Last update: 1 January 2016 | 16:33

BEIRUT: Lebanon was covered in snow on the first day of the New Year as storm Vladimir hit the country after weeks of relatively warm weather and light showers.

The storm, which covered regions at an altitude of 700 meters and above with snow, is expected to intensify in the next few hours.

Roads in mountainous areas above 1200 meters were clogged while the temperature reached 4 degrees Celsius in some coastal areas Friday morning.

Heavy rain coupled with strong wind wreaked havoc on the tents of Syrian refugees in Akkar district where snow began falling at altitude of 400 meters.

A number of Akkar residents were detained by snow and appealed to the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation to send bulldozers to re-open public roads leading to the town of Fneideq.

In north Lebanon, Snow covered the town of Bsharri and Ehden, completely blocking traffic while many towns in Baalbek region suffered power cuts.

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