Lady in Red photo lands Turkish cop in court…and in the park

Lady in Red photo lands Turkish cop in court…and in the park
by Martin Jay

11 June 2015 | 15:16

Source: by Annahar/RT

  • by Martin Jay
  • Source: Annahar/RT
  • Last update: 11 June 2015 | 15:16

Turkey's President gave his first speech today since his own ruling party lost its majority in elections on Sunday – but his ramblings, which took a pot shot at foreign media, might be over looked by more 'iconic' news today.

This photo, already etched into the history books, is in the news today. Or rather, the policeman in it.
His tear gas attack on a woman in a red dress became a symbol during anti-government uprising in 2013, which may have played some part in Erdogan's hammering at the polls. But now it's the cop himself who has to pay the price as a court has found him guilty of misconduct. According to, a Turkish court handed him a suspended sentence and ordered him to plant 600 trees.

Ceyda Sungur, the "lady in red" with her hair blown by a flow of the tear gas targeting her face, became an fleeting icon of the anti-government protests that sparked by a plan to redevelop the Gezi Park in central Istanbul two years ago. Her image went viral on social media and was quite common on posters and stickers at the protests that flooded the whole country.

An Istanbul court sentenced police officer Fatih Zengin to 20 months in jail, which he will serve only in case of a repeated offence in the next five years, RT is quoting Reuters as reporting yesterday (Wednesday).
The officer will also have to plant 600 trees as community service – and will be responsible for them during first six months after their planting.


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