French Tennis event scales up security following Federer complaints of ‘Le Selfie’

French Tennis event scales up security following Federer complaints of ‘Le Selfie’
by Martin Jay

25 May 2015 | 16:18

Source: by Martin Jay

  • by Martin Jay
  • Source: Martin Jay
  • Last update: 25 May 2015 | 16:18

France's most prestigious tennis competition, the Roland-Garros, is bowing to pressure from one of the sports leading figures after a number of VIPs recently interrupted play, with one asking a star to pose for selfies.

Sources inside the Tennis Open have confided to An Nahar that security will be tightened slightly so as to prevent individuals from the VIP stands in particular from leaving their seats to disrupt play.
The move follows a complaint by Roger Federer, the Swiss no2 world tennis player who was infuriated yesterday after a fan walked onto the court to take a selfie with him. The player confided in The New York Times that he was also interrupted on Saturday at the charity exhibition: "Some children came onto the court, and nobody from security reacted".

Although Tennis is seen as a courteous sport and unlike other sports such as Football, there is no physical barrier to most courts; in 1993 a deranged German fan stabbed Monica Seeles in the back.
The incident left both players and tournament managers vary wary.

Recently, Gilbert Ysern, director of the tournament said to the press after the match on Sunday that "After that [Seele's stabbing], all security in tennis stadiums and tennis courts was totally reviewed". Federer on his part accentuated that "it's essential that the security team be well trained and know what it's doing. Just wearing a suit and tie is not enough."

It is not the first time Federer has security concerns over the French Open.
In 2009, he was victim of another incident when someone jumped on the court and tried to force a hat onto the player's head whilst he was playing in the final.

The Roland Garros security is said to have reacted much faster then, than yesterday. "We're talking about an error of judgment. The guards are well prepared. If a guy went running on the court with an aggressive attitude, he would not have made it to the player", Ysern explained to the press, explaining why security had not removed the intruder faster.

The perpetrator was said to have been just a 14 year old Chinese kid who climbed down from the private box of the massive French firm VINCI. He has been banned further from the Open.


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